Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fred Thompson's plan to reduce federal government spending...

Fred Thompson Home PageHere's the intro:
In 2007, the federal government's spending rose to an astounding $2.8 trillion-- the equivalent of $22,000 per household. Growth in federal government spending, however, rarely translates into better services for the American people. Solutions for many public policy problems are best found in the private sector, and then at the State and local level--not in Washington, DC. Indeed, the federal government loses billions every year due to ineffective programs, poor management, waste, and fraud. And, the problem is getting worse. Within the next five years, federal spending is expected to reach more than $3.2 trillion, or about 20 percent of our economy; more than half of this amount is mandatory spending for entitlements. Increasing government spending is not the answer to our country's problems. It is time to get it under control with better solutions and better management of our federal government.
Click here for the rest... great stuff!

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