Saturday, March 22, 2008

John Kerry: Obama will be a great President because we're all bad people... and he's black

Link to RushLimbaugh.comI've caught as much of Rush possible lately, and at the end of today's show he played some clips of 'the haughty John Kerry who served in Vietnam' talking about how great President Obama will be for this country... because of, well, the color of his skin. Keep helping John!

Here's the transcript with El Rushbo's comments:


RUSH: Here's how difficult it's going to be for Barack Obama to keep race out of his campaign. When you've got idiots like the haughty John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) out campaigning for you, you're rolling the dice. (laughing) Last Monday, Kerry did an interview with the New Bedford Standard Times. It's in Massachusetts, the New Bedford Standard Times editorial board, and of course they taped him. An unidentified reporter said, "Why would you say that? What gives Obama credibility on that score?" Kerry had said that Obama's blackness and Muslim background is his main qualification for office, and would help him with American foreign policy, and the reporter said, "What gives him credibility on that score, particularly?"

VIETNAM VETERAN JOHN KERRY: It would be such an affirmation of who we say we are as a people, if we can elect an African-American president, a young leader who is obviously visionary and got an ability to inspire people. It would give us an ability to talk to those countries, to, in some cases, go around their dictator leaders to the people and inspire the people in ways that we can't otherwise. I think in the end, um, he has an ability to help us bridge the divide of religious extremism, to maybe even give power to moderate Islam to be able to stand up against this radical misinterpretation of a legitimate religion.

RUSH: Man, this is what I mean. When you got guys like this speaking for you, you have no control over. Do you realize what you just heard? This is the former Democrat presidential nominee, and he has just encapsulated here the liberal Democrat view of this country where it comes to race: "We are guilty!" Whatever anybody, particularly our enemies - whatever radical Islam thinks of us - they're right. We are guilty, because we are racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes and all that. And we need to elect an African-American president, a young leader, obviously visionary, to show the rest of the world that we are who we say we are as a people. To bridge the divide of religious extremism? (laughing) Kerry said this on Monday. I don't think Jeremiah Wright was a common household name at that time. (laughing) Bridge the divide.? He has created the divide! He's widening the divide! He's dredging the divide! He's dumping the sand of the divide on both sides of the shore. But Kerry wasn't through. The reporter said, "Why would you say that? What gives him credibility on that score, again?"

VIETNAM VETERAN JOHN KERRY: Because he's African-American! Because he's a black man who has come from a place of oppression and repression through the years in our own country. His life story, you know, a Kenyan father who abandoned him and he was raised by a single parent and -- and -- and found the purpose and values to go to college and make something of himself. That's an important lesson for America to show Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and other places in the world where disenfranchised people don't get anything.

RUSH: Folks, I'm sitting here laughing because it's Friday, it's the end of the show, but this is outrageous, though. This is just... What must John Kerry think of his own country in order to say these kind of things? That only Obama, because he has a Kenyan father, his life story...? He hasn't had any oppression in his life. He wasn't raised as an African-American. He wasn't down for the civil rights struggle. He has no ties to that. That's what the black community was worried about when Obama first announced. That's what "Magic Negro" is all about. That's what "Is he black enough?" was all about. He found the purpose and values to go to college, make something of himself? That's an important lesson for America to show Egypt, Jordan? What? He went to college? It's an important lesson to show Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia? This is ass backwards. This is 180 degrees out of phase. What ought to be happening here is that we ought to be telling some of these other places what's wrong with them and because if they don't fix it they keep attacking it, they are in peril. Did you see, by the way, the story that the Saudi Arabian government is going to start training 40,000 new imams to try to deal with this Wahhabi sect that's causing all the grief? So anyway, there you heard it: John Kerry (the haughty John Kerry who served in Vietnam), speaking Monday to the New Bedford Massachusetts Standard Times editorial board.

I'm not proud to say this, but I truly despise the elitist, socialist Senators from MA... right up there with Al Gore, lefty Hollywood boneheads and Code Pinko.

Related, from the great Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters.

Also related (only because it further exposes Kerry) is this HotAir video of YAF's Jason Mattera catching up with Sen. John Kerry and confronting him about his unsubstantiated, troop-smearing testimony:


And here's Glenn Beck on Black Liberation Theology... terrifying.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Comedy Gold: The Daily Show makes fun of Berkley hippies and Code Pink

Jon Stewart going conservative??? Not likely, but it's nice to see The Daily Show smack the loony left for once... hope to see more.

This is absolutely outstanding: (hat tip HotAir)

Semper Fi Rob Riggle!

Related: TDS and Jon Stewart may not be going conservative just yet, but playwright and film director David Mamet is.

Update: Michelle Malkin has much more on Berkeley.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

BMI Special Report: Global Warming Censored

Global Warming CensoredA must-read report from the Business & Media Institute:
Global warming crusader Al Gore repeatedly claims the climate change “debate’s over.” It isn’t, but the news media clearly agree with him. Global warming skeptics rarely get any say on the networks, and when their opinions are mentioned it is often with barbs like “cynics” or “deniers” thrown in to undermine them.

Consistently viewers are being sent only one message from ABC, CBS and NBC: global warming is an environmental catastrophe and it’s mankind’s fault. Skepticism is all but shut out of reports through several tactics – omission, name-calling, the hype of frightening images like polar bears scavenging for food near towns and a barrage of terrifying predictions.

The Business & Media Institute analyzed 205 network news stories about “global warming” or “climate change” between July 1, 2007, and Dec. 31, 2007. BMI found a meager 20 percent of stories even mentioned there were any alternative opinions to the so-called “consensus” on the issue.

Disagreement Squashed: Global warming proponents overwhelmingly outnumbered those with dissenting opinions. On average for every skeptic there were nearly 13 proponents featured. ABC did a slightly better job with a 7-to-1 ratio, while CBS’s ratio was abysmal at nearly 38-to-1.

Can I See Some ID?: Scientists made up only 15 percent of the global warming proponents shown. The remaining 85 percent included politicians, celebrities, other journalists and even ordinary men and women. There were more unidentified interview subjects used to support climate change hype than actual scientists (101 unidentified to just 71 scientists)

What’s It Going to Cost?: All “solutions” have a price, but the cost of fighting global warming was something you rarely heard on the network news. Only 22 stories (11 percent) mentioned any cost of “fixing” global warming. On the rare occasion cost came up, it came from the lips of a skeptic like Kentucky state Rep. Jim Gooch (D), who said one climate change bill in Congress “would cost $6 trillion.”

CBS the Worst: Journalist/global warming advocate Scott Pelley helped CBS be, by far, the worst network. Pelley argued in 2006 that he shouldn’t have to include skeptics in such stories because “If I do an interview with [Holocaust survivor] Elie Wiesel, am I required as a journalist to find a Holocaust denier?” In 2007, he helped ensure only four skeptics were included by CBS – and not a single one was a scientist. Compare that to the 151 people used by the network to promote global warming hysteria. The wildly one-sided outcome was not surprising given remarks by some of its other journalists. Harry Smith declared that “There is, in fact, global climate change” on the Aug. 7, 2007, “Early Show.”

ABC the “Best”: Despite its over-the-top climate hypocrisy of jet-setting journalists around the world to cover climate change, ABC included more skepticism (36 percent) in its broadcasts than either NBC or CBS. Still, the network has plenty of work to do. Bill Weir made the outrageous claim during the Nov. 18, 2007, “Good Morning America” that “all these scientists” urge immediate action to stop global warming. Weather personality Sam Champion even referred to the most recent U.N. climate report as “unequivocal” and “definitive.
Read the Full Report. Video from Fox & Friends here.

For more, check out BMI's previous report on the on the great Global Warming hoax: Fire & Ice.

Also, here are some telling media quotes about global warming:
What’s your best advice to me and families like me who really want to be responsible and pay even more, but do the right thing because we know this is an issue?
-- Ann Curry, NBC “Today” Jan. 31, 2008

I’m on the prowl for victims, converts in our growing movement.
-- Matt Lauer, NBC “Today” Jan. 25, 2008

Like the warming scientists are seeing in Greenland and the North Pole, the prime suspect behind the melting at the South Pole is global warming. Manmade carbon dioxide and other gases trapping heat that may well be warming the waters in the coldest police on earth.
-- Anne Thompson, NBC “Nightly News” Jan. 14, 2008

"Al Gore, sexy man. The thinking girl's thoroughbred."
-- Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan, The Washington Post, Dec. 12, 2007

The human race is doomed.
-- Jeff Goodell, Rolling Stone Nov. 1, 2007

Public awareness [about global warming] lagged behind, partly because of a disinformation campaign funded by the fossil-fuel industry.
-- Bill Blakemore, ABC “World News with Charles Gibson” Sept. 23, 2007

There’s great concern about the impact of the melting ice on the wildlife in that area. For example, the loss of Arctic ice could mean the loss of the homeland for polar bears.
-- Sam Champion, ABC “Good Morning America” Sept. 18, 2007

Climate change could have global security implications on a par with nuclear war unless urgent action is taken, a report said on Wednesday.
-- Jeremy Lovell, Reuters Sept. 12, 2007

[G]lobal warming may hasten the destruction of some of the world’s most treasured buildings and heritage sites.
-- Mark Phillips, CBS “Evening News” June 19, 2007

Scientists say the world’s temperature will rise about two degrees in the next 50 years no matter what we do, but if we act now it might level off after that.
-- Bill Blakemore, ABC “World News Sunday” April 1, 2007

"It's surreal to have pre-eminent scientists tell us very seriously that civilization as we know it is over ... The scale is unprecedented. It touches every aspect of life."
-- ABC News correspondent Bill Blakemore in the Summit Daily News, March 13, 2007

Global warming is not coming; it is here.
-- Alexander Wolff, Sports Illustrated March 8, 2007

Consider the case closed on global warming.
-- Bryan Walsh, Time magazine Feb. 19, 2007

"Let's just say that global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers, though one denies the past and the other denies the present and future."
-- Ellen Goodman, Boston Globe Feb. 9, 2007

The top climate experts from all around the world, speaking with one voice, issued a blunt and bleak assessment today on global warning. There was no ambiguity in their words.
-- Charles Gibson, ABC “World News” Feb. 2, 2007

Do people here know that very likely in the next – well – several decades all of this is going to be under water?
-- Harry Smith, CBS “Early Show” Feb. 1, 2007

"Never has good weather felt so bad. Never have flowers inspired so much fear. Never has the warm caress of a sunbeam seemed so ominous. The weather is sublime, it's glorious, it's the end of the world."
-- The Washington Post, Jan. 7, 2007

So I’m running in the park Saturday in shorts thinking this is great but are we all gonna die?
-- Meredith Vieira, NBC “Today” Jan. 7, 2007

Also, you may already know that John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, said global warming is "the greatest scam in history" last November.

He's now saying that Al Gore should be sued "to finally put some light on the fraud of global warming.” Video:

More from the great Noel Sheppard - CNN: Climate Conference Attendees Are Like Flat Earthers

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Audacity of Hope Hollywood...

Saw this on Fox & Friends this morning:

Life immitates art, or art influences life?

Update 3/5: Speaking of audacity... saw this eye-opening (for those who might not already see the audacity, shallowness and arrogance of Obama-hype) clip on HotAir this morning:

From one of the HotAir commenters: “There is nothing the American Left seeks more than the approval of the International Left.”

And then there's the other side of the coin... can you imagine that NBC would feature a plot line in which an Arizona senator and former POW is discovered to be a two-time murderer and a cannibal? Of course you can.

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