Friday, September 22, 2006

The United Nations is Broken...

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The UN does a great many things reasonably well...I agree with Frank Salvato:
If the world is to survive this crisis of despotism the United States needs to call for the disbanding of the UN in favor of a world body consisting of functioning democracies, not those bought with the ill-gotten and oily gains of terrorism and tyranny, and not one that would seat the likes of Syria, Cuba and China on its human rights council.

The choice is clear. Either we stand pat with the United Nations, an organization that can’t even produce a definition for terrorism as it teeters on voting Venezuela a seat on the Security Council, or we move forward creating a new world body consisting of functioning democracies that embrace a common definition of right and wrong, good and evil. The question now is whether or not we have the guts to do it.
It seems so obvious that it's time for the U.S. to move on and the U.N. to move out, but I'm not holding my breath... especially if we can't even get Bolton confirmed.

The discussion is getting louder though.

Vote here.

Mahmoud Hitler & Hugo Mussolini Go to the UN
And a nice catch from Oliver North:
Perhaps the strangest comment in the midst of all this came from outgoing U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan who said, in what one may hope is one of his final appearances, "Moreover, just as some who benefit from globalization may feel threatened by it, so, many who are statistically safer from conflict do not feel safe. For that, we have terrorism to thank. It kills or maims relatively few people, compared to other forms of violence." Perhaps that explains why defeating terrorism has never been a priority for the United Nations.
Good riddance.

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