Monday, October 09, 2006

How many words is this picture worth? (updated) least two: He. Crazy.

(Photoshop from Bryan at Sanctuary)

AttentionCox & Forkum are on it too...

How's this make you feel?

Tons of updates at HotAir, enough to require a fresh thread.

Thank God for the U.N.!

thanks for nothing:
Clinton and Albright set the stage that Kim Jong Il is now playing on...

Update: The Clinton Legacy: North Korea's Bomb:
North Korea's first detonation of a nuclear weapon may have taken place during the watch of George W. Bush — but it was under the Clinton administration's watch that the communist regime began gathering necessary materials and constructing the bomb.

Update #2: Zucker-mania:

Kim Jong Illin' here too... the other side of Hollywood.

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