Monday, December 03, 2007

It depends on what your definition of 'for' is...

Slick Willie rides againPaul Greenberg - Slick Willie rides again:
Of course Bill Clinton was against the war in Iraq from the beginning. It's proven unpopular. It would be different if the war had gone better, as it has in Afghanistan. Bill Clinton's still for that one.

There's a phrase for someone who'll stick with you through thick and then and in-between: A man to tie to. Bill Clinton's the opposite. Not only does he disappear when the going gets tough, he was never with you from the first --at least to hear him tell it. With him, history is one of the plastic arts.

There is no surer guide to William Jefferson Clinton's view of the past than what is popular in the present. All of his statements supporting the war in Iraq now have become, in a Nixonian word, inoperative. Down the memory hole they go, as if they'd never been uttered.


But now that the war had been fought and won, Slick Willie was all for it. He was not about to desert his country in its hour of victory. If a single personal experience made me resolve never again to trust anything Bill Clinton said, that was it.

Was his ex-post-facto support for that war just an innocent lapse of memory, or of character? Me, I've always had the greatest respect for Bill Clinton's memory.

Now he's back playing games with the past again. But never fear, should the long light of history reveal that in the end this long, long struggle in Iraq has bolstered freedom and stability in that always-volatile part of the world, rest assured, Bill Clinton will have been for it all along.

Clinton lied, people yawnedAlso, from Bruce Walker:
Bill Clinton is alive and well in his familiar persona as a pathological liar. Bill goes to Iowa and tells a group of Democrats that even if Hillary was not his wife, he would be there to campaign for her to be president – which is to say, he looked Iowans dead in the eye and lied to them. Bill maintains that he always opposed the Iraq War – which is to say, he pretends historical records do not exist, so he lies to us. Bill informs us that he wants his presidential archives released, but that somehow "George Bush" is at fault – which is to say, Bill lies again.

When Bill Clinton lies, his mendacity is not nuanced or weighted anymore. He tells us whoppers. He talks to us like a five year old boy talks to prying parents. He speaks as if he expects people to believe him, even when any sane person would know that he was lying.


In our hearts, we expect the Clintons to be crass, bullying liars. So, while it is perfectly thinkable to have a bumper sticker that proclaims "Bush lied, people died," it is perfectly unthinkable to have a bumper sticker that states the truism "Clinton lied, people died." No, because all of us know when Bill or Hillary are lying (it is when their lips are moving.) The only bumper sticker that makes sense of the hypnotic spell that Bill and Hillary have cast upon the American people would be this: Clinton lied, people yawned.
Duh... his mouth was moving.

Randy Travis - On The Other Hand:

Not a Randy Travis fan yet? It's just a matter of time.

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