Sunday, September 24, 2006

A quick reminder to watch Chris Wallace tonight... (updated)

"You've never seen Bill Clinton like this"

It's a right-wing conspiracy... no, a conservative hit-job! Wallace was unflappable... fantastic.


Update: Greg Tinti already has it.

Update #2: HotAir has all the take-aways... and more.

Update #3: Michelle things Bill doth protest too much. Pathalogical denier.

Ace reminds everyone of right-wing praise for Clinton.

YouTube rocks... here you go:

The long...

...and the short of it:

Update #4: Actually... and of's Bush's fault.

Holy cow... this is going to be a fun week for bloggers and pundits!

Vent with Michelle Malkin - Clinton and 'the conservative hit job'Update #5: As always, there's some great commenting at Allah's post...
Spurius Ligustinus:
"In short, Clinton didn’t want to be bothered with “leading” - he’s always been a follower, particularly of popularity polls. But when confronted with his record of fecklessness, his response is always to wail about some “right-wing conspiracy.” How pathetic.
"Did anyone notice his comment about how he enjoyed ‘being the President’?

That just jumped off the screen at me. He spent his entire presidency trying to ‘enjoy’ every speck of it…and now he’s trying to ‘enjoy’ his own imagining of it and resents any and all who don’t remember it the way he does.
Lone Star:
"Well I noticed a few of the usual tactics that Billy-boy likes to employ:
1) When your back is up against the wall point the finger at someone else.
2) When they ask questions you don’t want to answer, filibuster the questions with answers they don’t want.
3) When you don’t have anything you can say, say it with emotion. Mostly he’s used anger and crying in the past. Anger we got, but where were the tears?

It’s all about those darned right-wingers and their vast, right-wing conspiracy that are out to get him. I feel so bad for that poor, lying, opportunistic b*****d.

My favorite line he used: “a…big…load…of…hooey!!!” Yep! Better start headin’ back to the trailer park, Billy-boy.
He looks too angry and desperate here for anyone to take him at his word (which no one does anyway). This was a serious loss of composure on his part. He was all over the place. The man has some issues. Too bad he and Carter don’t have the class of Bush 41 (or 43).
Update #6: Back where we began at TPPB... fact-checking.

One day you're going to self-destruct...

Thanks for an amusing Sunday Bill! Stay tuned to HotAir for what I imagine will be many, many updates...

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