Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rep. Steve King on Fred Thompson...

A strong endorsement:

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There are things I like about Romney and Huckabee... and many things I like about Duncan Hunter, but I've decided that I'm with Fred.

Update: An unauthorized, but outstanding ad from John Hawkins at Right Wing News:

From John:
If Fred wants to win the election, all he has to do is put this in constant rotation in Iowa and his victory would be guaranteed...or he would actually drop into last place. One or the other.
RedState agrees:
We have waited a long time for a candidate who puts substance over style. Now is the time for him and for his supporters to put their noses to the grindstone and realize his vision.

Fred Thompson for President.
So does PoliPundit:
Fred Thompson would be one of our great presidents, and he would change the political landscape of the United States. He should be the Republican nominee in 2008.

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