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Homosexuality and education: The rants roll on...

Department of Homeland SecurityMaine is a beautiful place to be, especially now that it's warming up, but Doug Wrenn seems like he's in need of some blog therapy...go get 'em Doug!

This rant rolls - more like steamrolls - right over political correctness, illegal immigrants, and G.W. Bush...

Leadership Before Flag-Waving
By Doug Wrenn
...It is little wonder why the American flag is now on a level plain with low salt liverwurst in academia, the breeding ground of liberalism. This is the same bastion that brought about outcome based education, in other words, as Rush Limbaugh would say, "2 + 2 = 5," and so on. Red ink on a corrected paper is harmful to the "self esteem" of the little flowers occupying our classrooms. To not offend, we ban school prayer (and with it, simple reflection, for those who so choose), and make the Pledge of Allegiance an option. Likewise for baseball leagues for kids with no scores. At professional baseball games, it is now not uncommon to see disrespectful defiance displayed to the national anthem when played, by player and fan alike. At some point, we forgot or abandoned what is right and wrong. Absolutes and personal accountability have been replaced by moral relativism and excessive, erroneous obsession with self-esteem.

Gay CenterLegislatures and courts are forcing civil unions and gay marriage upon the usurped electorate. So much for 2,000 years of natural order and the maintenance of the species by the nuclear family unit and procreation. If it feels good, do it. If the American Psychiatric Association labels homosexuality as a deviancy, yell and scream until the APA deletes the entry from its Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel, which is exactly what happened in 1973. That was a banner year. Baby in the way of your life agenda? Poof! Create a fictitious right in that paper written in ink, called the US Constitution, and call it a "living, breathing document," so mothers can kill their previously living, breathing infants. Problem solved. It was called Roe vs. Wade, and even pro-choice legal scholars have said it was based on bad law. And now, from civil unions, the promulgators of polygamy and polyamory are sticking their big toe into the water. And when Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) predicted that, many called them names prohibited by this decorum. Meanwhile, touch the eggs of a bird on the endangered species list, and you will be crucified. The American Civil Liberties Union has protected a group advocating pedophilia, but discipline your misbehaving child with a smack on the backside, and it is "abuse." It is little wonder why the Ten Commandments, many of which can be found in more modern verbiage in the penal code, are taboo from court buildings, but pornography is a "right" in the computers of public libraries.

Homosexuals are gay. (I'm afraid to ask what happy now means!) Homosexuality became an "alternate lifestyle." What used to be "in the closet," is now "in your face." Blacks are African-American. Orientals are Asians. Teachers are "educators". Garbage men are "sanitation engineers." Stewardesses are "flight attendants." Secretaries are "administrative assistants." Sales clerks are now "sales associates." The handicapped are physically challenged. Merry Christmas is Happy Holidays. Nativity scenes can be banned from schools, but students can be mandated to read the Koran. Sex change operations are now "gender re-assignments." Illegal immigrants are simply "immigrants," with the word "illegal" deliberately and deceitfully deleted, or they are "undocumented workers." Yes, I suppose, euphemisms are "rhetorical perception transfers." Where I come from, they are called something else. I can't say that word here, either, but I think you can figure it out.

We have a despicable and gutless Navy Chaplain Corps, that by policy, now bans mentioning Jesus Christ in sermons, to prevent offending members of other faiths, in spite of the fact that those faiths are represented by chaplains of their own denominations as well. That's right, I said "gutless." If you cower from political correctness, even though you would stand up to an incoming shell, you are still gutless, as well as a hypocritical fool. It is said that in war, even an atheist soon finds God in a foxhole. Those officers of the Navy brass who made this hideous policy are traitors, not only to their country, but also to the troops under their command. Communist regimes ban religion because they recognize that faith only strengthens and bonds the people the government seeks to dominate. It is pretty pathetic when communists know something that our military leaders obviously do not. To revise an old childhood poem, I guess the Navy Chaplains Corps' new motto now is, "Bombs and shells may break my bones, but being called a bad name will always hurt me."

Now to pander to illegal invaders of our country, we are expected to be tolerant of them, and not offend them. Why, so they don't get mad and go home? When does the gutless pandering end? When does the hypocrisy end? I was kicking this article around in my head the other day when I was driving down the road in the car and the oldies song, "Only The Strong Survive" came on the radio. I thought how ironic, yet true it is. In the animal kingdom, only the strong survive. In history, only the strong survive. Compare Chamberlain vs. Churchill to see what appeasement gets you. Nothing has changed. The more you give in, the sooner you die. Our country is dying, and we're not fighting back.

Adopt a Turkey - not a joke...At some point, men became dandelions. Tell an off color joke, and you get sent to a class on racial sensitivity. Tell a sexually explicit joke, and you go to a class for gender sensitivity. Raise your voice and you go to anger management class. All of these institutions were created because of extremes, and then became extremes themselves. Men have been declawed and defanged in our society. (Well, some of them, anyway!) It is wrong to be forceful, opinionated or confident nowadays. This is part of the erosion of our culture, brought about by liberal political correctness, insidious social experimentation and engineering, and playing a shell game with the sexes. Women, for the most part, and like it or not, are meant to be nurturing, and men, the protectors. Such are natural human instincts, put in us by God, and for good reason. Now, we have loving, motherly nurturers playing warrior, and confrontational protectors crying to show their "sensitive, feminine, softer side," and we wonder why everything is in turmoil.


No means no. It is time to say no. Right means right, and wrong means wrong, and not what you feel or want those words to mean. There was a time not all that long ago when right and wrong were not a question. Most people knew the difference. There was no debate. Authority was respected, not "challenged" to quote the radical, liberal bumper sticker. Authority within Constitutional limits meant order and decency, in much the same way that borders give a country form, shape and boundaries for specific reason, just like a football field, to quote another sage Limbaugh analogy. There was a time when we even knew what the definition of "is" was, without a disgraced President trying to define it for us (And under oath, no less!). No explanation was required. People just naturally understood. What happened?
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