Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The similarities between Joel Osteen and Stuart Smalley

Bezel333 does some really good work:

I saw Joel with Chris Wallace last week and this really struck me also:

The full interview with Wallace is here for part I and here for part II.

I have to agree with Bezel333. Joel preaches a positive message, but it might as well be Tony Robbins or some other non-Christian message. His message does not seem to be be based in scripture and he does not preach out of the Bible.

Joel's idea that he wants to "cast a wide net" says it all to me... that it's more about selling candy-coated platitudes that are easy to swallow than it is about challenging people with the often-difficult truth. He seems more interested in talking about his word than about His word.

Click here for more on Osteen. And even better, here.

Update: Ken adds this page of posts in the comments.

Update #2: Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church in Seattle has some great insights on Joel:

Check our their YouTube channel for more great sermons from Pastor Mark.

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