Monday, July 31, 2006

Forget the political correctness...It's the Global Jihad, stupid!

Cox & Forkum nail it again... (click image for post)

This one cracked me up too. It's perfect!

Today's Vent is on the same topic, and of the same opinion... tough to call this act an isolated event. It's the Jihad stupid!

Finally, Michael Yon has a great post simply called "Jihad". He quotes Pakistani writer, Ahmed Rashid:
These new Islamic fundamentalists are not interested in transforming a corrupt society into a just one, nor do they care about providing jobs, education, or social benefits to their followers or creating harmony between the various ethnic groups that inhabit many Muslim countries. The new jihadi groups have no economic manifesto, no plan for better governance and the building of political institutions, and no blue-print for creating democratic participation in the decision-making process of the future Islamic states. They depend on a single charismatic leader, an amir, rather than a more democratically constituted organization or party for governance. They believe that the character, piety, and purity of their leader rather than his political abilities, education, or experience will enable him to lead the new society. Thus has emerged the phenomenon of the cults of Mullah Muhammad Omar of the Taliban, Osama bin Laden of Al Qaeda, and Juma Namangani of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.
Read the post... here.


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The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are incredulous about raising the minimum wage...

Is Minimum Wage Bad Policy?... courtesy of the always-outstanding - Mr. Mac Johnson:
... "Some people must live in a fantasy world," commented the Easter Bunny, visiting the Tooth Fairy at his Provincetown home. "I had hoped that the rise of a Republican Congress would put an end to such nonsense and that they would use their position of newfound power to begin to undo the harmful and counterproductive belief that jobs and wages are somehow a creation of an all-knowing central government, beneficently wielding God-like power over the economy." Continuing, "But instead, they’ve turned out to be the biggest bunch of pantywaisted pansies—no offense T.F.—who seem to have nothing more to offer than water-downed versions of the same proposals they once claimed to find irrational back when Jim Wright and Tom Foley were in charge."

"Oh, I know!" responded the Tooth Fairy. "And their pusillanimous compromises just perpetuate the same old philosophical pathologies that people tried to vote out of office way back during The Republican Revolution of 1994." "More spinach dip, Bunny?"...
Read it all... here.


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Sunday, July 30, 2006

If Al Gore can't save the world from big business and arrogant U.S. Bush foreign policy, there's always...

A complete list of things caused by global warming... an "escape route".

No really, there are options other than putting World War III on the side burner in favor of an all-out war against the sun... and common sense for that matter.


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Friday, July 28, 2006

What's wrong with the Republican Party: A Case Study

Mark Alexander:
With Republican majorities in the House and Senate, and a Republican in the White House, the GOP should have picked up where Ronald Reagan left off - leading the nation as constitutional constructionists. Unfortunately, a cadre of constitutional obstructionists has split the Republican Party, diminished party loyalty and taken public support for the President and Congress to historic lows.

Yes, Republican principals have shown great leadership on national-security issues -- most notably prosecuting the war with Jihadistan. However, they have failed to articulate why the Bush Doctrine of Pre-Emption is, clearly, the best method for defending our nation against catastrophic attacks by Islamofascists. Weak-kneed Republicans have been run over by Senate Demo Leader Harry Reid, House Demo Leader Nancy Pelosi, and their gang of traitors, who have succeeded in undermining the nation's resolve in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

On the domestic front, however, Republicans have failed miserably, particularly in holding the line on government growth, spending and regulation. Conservatives expected President George W. Bush and his congressional majorities to lead the charge on behalf of individual liberty, the restoration of constitutional limits on government and the promotion of free enterprise and traditional American values, as outlined in The Patriot's Statement of Principles. They have not.
It's not looking good in November for Conservatives... or Republicans. Too many people on the right are fed up with the out of control spending. Problem is, this is what we'll get. I say it's worth it, IF it means that the GOP finally figures out that it needs to get back to conservative priorities.

The rest of Mark's article... here.


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Will we have the courage to understand, and the will to win...

The global jihadists' perpetual will to warAlan Keyes:
The fundamental flaw of the Bush administration's war policy lies not so much in its actions, as in the failure to articulate a right understanding of the nature and goals of the war. The Bush policy flounders and seems to fail because in their discussion of the situation, some policymakers still rely upon a shallow, inadequate understanding of war.
I couldn't agree more. Bush has failed to communicate well with the American people on just about everything... but especially when it comes to the war against islamofascists and in defense of democracy in Iraq.

Hate GWB, but don't trade hell in 10 years for false peace now. Radical Islam, led ultimately by Iran but supported by many...including Hezbollah, Syria, Hamas, Al Qaieda, Hugo Chavez and liberal loons across the globe, wants to destroy Israel, the United States and basically anyone who won't succumb to Islamic law and their totalitarian fundamentalist regime.

The rest from Alan Keyes... here.

As Tony Blankley says in his latest column...
Before action must come belief; before belief must come understanding; before understanding must come education and debate. In the beginning was the word. It is time to begin.


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What happens if you have a parent that's a graphic designer...

I don't know the designer, but that's strong kung-fu.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

In Case of Bankruptcy - solutions to the entitlement crisis...

If you knew the U.S. government was going bankrupt primarily because of spending on Social Security and Medicare, and the only solutions were the following, which one would you pick?

(1) Doubling individual and corporate income tax rates.
(2) Immediately cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits by two-thirds.
(3) Immediately cutting all federal discretionary spending (including defense) by 143 percent.
(4) Reforming Social Security and Medicare by moving from the current defined benefit plans to a program of individual investment accounts, like the current 401(k) and Medical Savings Account (MSA) plans.

Read more... here.

Federal Social Security Calculator


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You can say 'tough' all you want and still be a wimp... or a politician.

Thomas Sowell:
Just when it looked like the Senate Republicans had finally gotten the message that the American people in general, and their own supporters in particular, are outraged over amnesty for illegal aliens, some Republican Senators have come up with yet another disguise for amnesty -- and gotten bipartisan support, including Ted Kennedy and John McCain.

Under this new plan, its advocates claim, illegal immigrants would "have to leave the country" and re-apply to come back in legally and get on a path toward citizenship. It sounds good but on closer examination it turns out to be a fraud. ...
The rest... here.

Mac Johnson agrees... and is right.


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Atefah Sahaaleh's father: 'She was my love, my heart... I did everything I could' He did not get the chance to say goodbye.

A horrible story from the BBC about the execution of a teenage girl in Iran a few years ago. I hope it gets picked up here.

(hat tip Michelle Malkin)

The religion of peace.

More horror... here.


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A John Bolton roundup...

This Vent is a must-watch (click -->).

We need John Bolton at the U.N. Actually, we need John Bolton in Congress for some straight-talkin' reform too.

John Bolton's Accomplishments at the UN

What They Are Saying About John Bolton's Work at the UN

The New York Times' Hatchet Job on John Bolton

Video of Bolton on Dayside... here.

Video of Bolton on Hannity & Colmes... here.

It's Time to Create a Legitimate World Organization.


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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

An example of the loony left...

How George Bush Became a DictatorGeorge Bush is a dictator? According to Len Hart, that and worse...
Bush's authoritarian dictatorship may have ushered in a new era in which states wage war not against other states but against civilian populations. Bush's war against Iraq, for example, is unlike any previous war; his goals are chaos, death, and annihilation. Bush was not only wrong about Iraq, it is clear that he deliberately lied about WMD in particular.
It gets better...
Both Jefferson and Che Guevarra recognized that when government reaches this point, it operates outside the law. Both men recognized the terrible alternative to ultimate submission to tyranny. Revolution!
A Che Guevara and Thomas Jefferson comparison? Ughhhh. I pray this thinking is the minority.




The history of the middle east - Glenn Beck style...

His show on CNN is outstanding if you haven't seen it. Between his radio show, CNN, his web site, and fusion magazine... Glenn is making a huge difference. He's fantastic!

Listen to Glenn on the radio here for free 9am to noon M-F eastern.


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A history of Muslim extremism from Ann Coulter...

AC: "More of John Kerry's Retroactive Campaign Promises"
... Israel's recent tussle with Hezbollah reminds us how absurd the Democrats' fixation on Osama is. America has been under attack from Muslim extremists for nearly 30 years. Not just al Qaeda and certainly not just Osama bin Laden.

Here's the highlights reel for anyone still voting for the Democrats:

  • November 1979: Muslim extremists (Iranian variety) seized the U.S. embassy in Iran and held 52 American hostages for 444 days, following Democrat Jimmy Carter's masterful foreign policy granting Islamic fanaticism its first real foothold in the Middle East.

  • 1982: Muslim extremists (mostly Hezbollah) began a nearly decade-long habit of taking Americans and Europeans hostage in Lebanon, killing William Buckley and holding Terry Anderson for 6 1/2 years.

  • April 1983: Muslim extremists (Islamic Jihad or possibly Hezbollah) bombed the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, killing 16 Americans.

  • October 1983: Muslim extremists (Hezbollah) blew up the U.S. Marine barracks at the Beirut airport, killing 241 Marines.

  • December 1983: Muslim extremists (al-Dawa) blew up the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait, killing five and injuring 80.

  • September 1984: Muslim extremists (Hezbollah) exploded a truck bomb at the U.S. Embassy annex in Beirut, killing 24 people, including two U.S. servicemen.

  • December 1984: Muslim extremists (probably Hezbollah) hijacked a Kuwait Airways airplane, landed in Iran and demanded the release of the 17 members of al-Dawa who had been arrested for the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait, killing two Americans before the siege was over.

  • June 14, 1985: Muslim extremists (Hezbollah) hijacked TWA Flight 847 out of Athens, diverting it to Beirut, taking the passengers hostage in return for the release of the Kuwait 17 as well as another 700 prisoners held by Israel. When their demands were not met, the Muslims shot U.S. Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem and dumped his body on the tarmac.

  • October 1985: Muslim extremists (Palestine Liberation Front backed by Libya) seized an Italian cruise ship, the Achille Lauro, killing 69-year-old American Leon Klinghoffer by shooting him and then tossing his body overboard.

  • December 1985: Muslim extremists (backed by Libya) bombed airports in Rome and Vienna, killing 20 people, including five Americans.

  • April 1986: Muslim extremists (backed by Libya) bombed a discotheque frequented by U.S. servicemen in West Berlin, injuring hundreds and killing two, including a U.S. soldier.

  • December 1988: Muslim extremists (backed by Libya) bombed Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing all 259 on board and 11 on the ground.

    (Then came an amazing, historic pause in Muslim extremists' relentless war on America after Ronald Reagan won the Cold War by doing the opposite of everything recommended by Democrats, depriving Islamic terrorists of their Soviet sponsors. This confuses liberals because they don't understand the concept of terror sponsors, whether it's the Soviet Union or Iraq.)

  • February 1993: Muslim extremists (al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, possibly with involvement of friendly rival al Qaeda) set off a bomb in the basement of the World Trade Center, killing six and wounding more than 1,000.

  • Spring 1993: Muslim extremists (al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, the Sudanese Islamic Front and at least one member of Hamas) plot to blow up the Lincoln and Holland tunnels, the U.N. complex, and the FBI's lower Manhattan headquarters.

  • November 1995: Muslim extremists (possibly Iranian "Party of God") explode a car bomb at U.S. military headquarters in Saudi Arabia, killing five U.S. military servicemen.

  • June 1996: Muslim extremists (13 Saudis and a Lebanese member of Hezbollah, probably with involvement of al Qaeda) explode a truck bomb outside the Khobar Towers military complex, killing 19 American servicemen and injuring hundreds.

  • August 1998: Muslim extremists (al Qaeda) explode truck bombs at U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killing 224 and injuring thousands.

  • October 2000: Muslim extremists (al Qaeda) blow up the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Cole, killing 17 U.S. sailors.

  • Sept. 11, 2001: Muslim extremists (al Qaeda) hijack commercial aircraft and fly planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania, killing nearly 3,000 Americans.

    America's war with Islamic fanaticism didn't start on 9/11, but it's going to end with 9/11 -- as long as Americans aren't foolish enough ever to put a Democrat in the White House.
  • The rest... here.

    More Coultermania from last night if you missed it...

    I love reading her books and her columns. She's not converting liberals though. I'm afraid they can't get past the name-calling to see the tremendous job she does dismantling the ideology of the left. She's brilliant, which makes it even more difficult to not want her to soften that one aspect of her style that blinds otherwise convinceable lefties to her powerful arguements.

    That said, I love Ann.


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    Israel's war separates the decent left from the indecent left...

    Map of Areas Targeted by Hizbulla MissilesDennis Prager:
    ... Israel [is in it's] fight for existence against the primitives, fanatics and sadists in Hezbollah and Hamas and elsewhere in the Arab/Muslim world who wish to destroy it. Anyone on the Left who cannot see this is either bad, a useful idiot for Islamic terrorists, anti-Semitic or all three. There is no other explanation for morally condemning Israel's war on Hezbollah.
    The rest... here.


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    Tuesday, July 25, 2006

    Pulling black America out of oblivion...

    Pulling black America out of oblivionStar Parker:
    ... It should be clear that the problem is that America's black community is now suspended in a moral vacuum. Life is cheap and meaningless, and murder, sex, abortion and robbery are viewed with the same gravity as ordering a Big Mac and fries. There is no accountability, only blame. And this mindset continues to be nourished in both the street language of Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and now the fancy Harvard prose of Sen. Barack Obama. ...
    The rest... here.

    Two revs don't make it right


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    Then and now...

    by Thomas Sowell:
    ... What if the people, institutions, and attitudes of today were somehow taken back in time to World War II? What would have been the result? Would we have ended up winning or losing that war?

    What about the great cry of the hour, a cease fire?

    It so happens that World War II had the biggest cease fire in history. It was called "the phony war" because, although France was officially at war with Germany, the French did very little fighting for months, while the bulk of the German army was in Poland and France had overwhelming military superiority on the western front.

    Famed correspondent William L. Shirer reported on the "unreal" western front, with soldiers "on both sides looking but not shooting." German soldiers bathed in the Rhine and waved to French soldiers on the other side, who waved back.

    During this period Hitler offered to negotiate peace with France and England.

    Kofi Anan would have loved it. ...
    The rest... here.


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    How Kim Jung Il makes money... literally.

    $50M+, and "diplomatic immunity" for the passers. Nice.

    Video link... here.


    Monday, July 24, 2006

    Humor needed...

    Big Boob (No, Not Ted Kennedy)V the K, purveyor of the best caption site on the web, provides many laughs... here.

    A recent submission of mine - "yet another reason to get married in a church"... here.

    Also, Top 10 unintentionally bad domain names:

    1. A site called "Who Represents" where you can find the name of the agent that represents a celebrity. Their domain name… wait for it… is

    2. "Experts Exchange", a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and views at

    3. Looking for a pen? Look no further than "Pen Island" at

    4. Need a therapist? Try "Therapist Finder" at

    5. Then of course, there’s the "Italian Power Generator" company…

    6. And now, we have the "Mole Station Native Nursery", based in New South Wales:

    7. If you’re looking for computer software, there’s always

    8. Welcome to the "First Cumming Methodist Church". Their website is

    9. Then, of course, there’s these brainless art designers, and their whacky website:

    10. Want to holiday in Lake Tahoe? Try their brochure website at

    (hat tips all around for BLY)

    And finally, a Palm Beach Congressman falls into a comedic interviewer's trap - and he's not laughing...story here. Worth watching!

    Funniest First Colbert segment I've seen.



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    The U.N. making sense?

    Hard to believe, but maybe the U.N. isn't completely filled with corrupt anti-american liberal socialists:
    LARNACA, Cyprus — The U.N. humanitarian chief accused Hezbollah on Monday of "cowardly blending" among Lebanese civilians and causing the deaths of hundreds during two weeks of cross-border violence with Israel.
    ...and now we're hearing that the Lebanese government knew the kidnappings were coming? That's what Hezbollah's top man says... video.

    Crazy people... everywhere.


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    Cuba drills for oil off Florida...

    Compounded frustration.


    Top Seven Myths of Homosexuality...

    Nathan from Church and State:

    Myth # 1: Ten Percent of the Population is Homosexual.
    Myth # 2: Homosexuals are Born Gay.
    Myth # 3: Homosexual Relationships are No Different than heterosexual Ones.
    Myth # 4: AIDS is as Much of a Risk for Heterosexuals as it is for Homosexuals.
    Myth # 5: Homosexuals are Normal, Healthy, Everyday People.
    Myth # 6: The Bible doesn't Condemn Homosexuality - Only Promiscuity.
    Myth # 7: Homosexuality is Unchangeable.

    Read all the thoughtful details... here.
    In conclusion, Jeffrey Satinover says in his book, "Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth": "To the extent that homosexuals have been victimized, we can only reach out in compassion for the suffering, struggling soul. How can our hearts not go out to the young, prehomosexual boy or girl who is already shy, lonely, sensitive, and who surely suffers taunting rejection and maybe even beatings by the very peers he or she envies and most longs to be with? Just how different is 'the homosexual' from ourselves? We so easily see--and then look down on--the self-protective maneuvering in others, which is far less painful than to admit it in ourselves."

    "But the organized, political side of the picture is entirely different. Here we too often see on violent display the brute aspect of human nature in all its crudity, stupidity, vanity, selfishness, disregard for others, and disregard for the truth. Like so many of its predecessors, too often gay activism follows the dictum that desired ends justify all means."

    "Here then is the conundrum we face now that gay activism has burst onto the national scene. On the one hand we must decide how best to counter the tactic of intimidation and refute the false claims of a group that operates in the hostile mode of raw, power politics. On the other hand we must retain the profound compassion of the fellow-feeling toward individual homosexuals that we ourselves need and yearn for from others. We must respect as fellows the very individuals whom we may reject as claimants in the public square."

    Mr. Satinover sums my feelings up very well. There is a delicate balance for Christians in this issue. We must work together to display love and acceptance, but not accepting the sin.


    Winning the Argument About the Third World War, by Newt Gingrich

    Winning the Argument About the Third World War by Newt GingrichNewt's
    One week ago, on NBC's "Meet the Press," I described the scale of terrorist attacks and plots, world conflicts, and the hostile declarations by rogue states and their pursuit of nuclear weapons as an emerging Third World War. In the intervening week I have taken advantage of a number of opportunities to set out in detail why I believe it is so important that America confront this reality.

    One skeptic I encountered - at least initially - was Matt Lauer, co-host of NBC's "Today Show."

    Lauer began our interview with a quote from an academic who claims that America has no option other than to force Israel into an immediate cease-fire with the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah-Hamas terrorist alliance that is attacking it on two fronts.

    I responded by saying why I believe this is exactly the wrong option. The fact is that the members of the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah-Hamas alliance have no interest in negotiation. The Iranian dictator has announced his intention to defeat America and wipe Israel off the map. Hezbollah and Hamas are similarly dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah declared on April 9, 2000, "The Jews invented the legend of the Nazi atrocities," and further argued, "Anyone who reads the Koran and the holy writings of the monotheistic religions sees what they did to the prophets, and what acts of madness and slaughter the Jews carried out throughout history ... Anyone who reads these texts cannot think of co-existence with them, of peace with them, or about accepting their presence, not only in Palestine of 1948 but even in a small village in Palestine, because they are a cancer which is liable to spread again at any moment."

    And then I used an analogy to dealing with such people that seemed to hit home. I said to Matt: "When we were faced with this in World War II, Matt, we didn't say, 'Let's negotiate with Adolph Hitler. I'm sure we can find reasonable grounds for only having half of a Holocaust.'

    "We said Hitler's regime was evil, that we had to have total victory, and we were very clear about that."
    I'm all-in for Newt.


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    How to deal with our dependence on foreign toil...

    Mac JohnsonMac is back, with Instant Mexicans!

    ... [D]espite the critical national need for illiterate labor, America still remains addicted to foreign toil. It is therefore critical that America seek domestic toil alternatives immediately. We must become peon-energy independent in the 21st Century!

    The good news is that America is already half-way to "peonergy" independence: our public school system produces millions of illiterates every year! Why then do we remain so addicted to foreign illiterates, the backbone of a healthy modern economy? The short answer is "motivation." It is not enough to merely produce throngs of unintelligible ignoramuses; they must also be well motivated by desperation and hardship -- and this is where America has taken a wrong turn on the path toward increased domestic toil supplies. We foolishly feed our underclass for free!

    While Mexico and its neighbors wisely leave their poor to discover the joys of independent employment in the exciting field of working in fields, America has taken its most valuable economic resource, the illiterate laborer, and turned them all into shiftless and expensive layabouts suckling noisily at the teat of the morbidly obese welfare state. ...

    ... Therefore, I modestly propose the following one-step plan to finally unlock the potential of America’s uneducated future. Next month, instead of a welfare check, food stamps, housing voucher, or other public assistance, every welfare recipient in America will receive a green card in the mail. Accompanying the green card will be a map of America, with all day labor centers marked by large dollar symbols. The connection between work and wages will all be explained in the enclosed note:

    Congratulations! You are already in America and entitled to work! (This saves you all the trouble of sneaking in and demanding amnesty from the Republicrat Congress.) You will still receive a monthly check capable of supporting you at the level to which you have become accustomed. However, it will now come from “Gabrielli Brothers Landscaping" (or some other business in need of your valuable unskills) and they may expect you to cut a little grass first (or perform some other such unskilled labor). Welcome to America! Now get to work!
    Read it all... here, or listen... here.

    A previous genius idea from Mac involving adding the Fair Tax to the immigration debate/bill... here.


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    Supporting or ignoring Hezbollah...

    Realization...Hezbollah runs Lebanon.

    Great Vent with Michelle Malkin:

    Allah updates with video indicating "that people in the Lebanese government knew Hezbollah was planning to kidnap Israeli soldiers." Great follow up with the photo of the day also.

    Cox & Forkum too:

    Too many crazy people!


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    Sunday, July 23, 2006

    A image can say a lot...

    This is a very direct and to-the-point cartoon that I found over at the RCP blog. No credits given, but speaks volumes:

    Here's another image from the NY Times and comments from Mark Finkelstein over at NewsBusters:


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