Saturday, February 11, 2006

Caption This! -- "Sharpton's a homo...pass it on"...humor!

Click here for this post by VtheK at Capture This!...who is clearly is a genius.
1. "Why do you smell like Ellen DeGeneres?" "How do you know what Ellen DeGeneres smells like."

2. "I thought you said Ike and Tina would be cool with the swap."

3. Movie nights at the Clinton White House were easy since everyone but Stephanopolous enjoyed hot, girl-on-girl action.

4. "... and if you want to win over the Gen-X crowd, begin your eulogy with 'I am Dieter, Shall ve dance?"

5. "You ever think about what you'll say at my funeral?" "Every minute of every day, Bill."

6. "Look at the way Martha Logan pushes her spineless, weasel-like husband around that is so-o-o-o-o unrealistic."

7. "I said, your earring's caught in my cuff-link."

8. "Cheezus, Hill. There are cameras all over the place. Could you at least pretend you'd rather be here than fisting Paula Poundstone at a Leather Womyn's Retreat?"

9. "I could smell the bitter almonds in my morning coffee a mile away. You'll have to try a lot harder than that, Hill."

10. "I've always secretly fantasized about being covered in canola oil and whipped by the Bush twins." "For God's sake, Hill, it's a funeral!"

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