Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Disrespect, and the liberal double-standard - Coulter and Malkin double-team

The party of police-haters, by Michelle MalkinI feel like I've said my peace on Cynthia "Fighting for You" McKinney. She's an all around embarassment.

Her using the term "disrespect" when speaking about the police officer that tried to stop her sounds if she's in a street gang. What's that all about? The double-standard is clear and outrageous for McKinney and her ghetto race-pimps.

Makes you feel good about the Democrats Security Agenda though...McKinney thinks she was disrespected, but I think her actions and words speak volumes for the general lack of respect Democrats have for authority and decency.

Civil rights "leaders" need to wake up and start realizing how much damage they're doing to their own cause. Cynthia McKinney has opened the dialog about this, and it's about time conservatives sunk their teeth in press the issue for a while.

Liberal War on Terrorism Heats Up: DeLay Finally Captured, by Ann CoulterBut of course, when liberals are criticized for obvious and blatent poor behaviour, they draw a moral equavalent to them slandering someone like Newt Gingrich for some obscure unverifyable accusation that eventually gets dropped after the character assisination has been achieved.

The liberals that I hear aren't intersted in fighting a war on terror, national security or...anything meaningful for that matter. They're fighting for power, which means taking down Republicans.

That's. Their. War.


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