Saturday, December 02, 2006

So much for boys being boys:

Supporting Boys or Girls When the Line Isn’t Clear From the NY Times:
...Cassandra Reese, a first-grade teacher outside Boston, recalled that fellow teachers were unnerved when a young boy showed up in a skirt. “They said, ‘This is not normal,’ and, ‘It’s the parents’ fault,’ ” Ms. Reese said. “They didn’t see children as sophisticated enough to verbalize their feelings.”

...While these children are still relatively rare, doctors say the number of referrals is rising across the nation. Massachusetts, Minnesota, California, New Jersey and the District of Columbia have laws protecting the rights of transgender students, and some schools are engaged in a steep learning curve to dismantle gender stereotypes. ...
Why not... there's no difference between men and women anyway in our politically correct, homosexualized culture. Sheesh.

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