Friday, December 28, 2007

The Huckablundering Train Wreck

Doug Giles - Muck Hickabee: The Too Compassionate Conservative(Click the pic to the right for a good article from Doug Giles)

I've been overwhelmed with things at home of late, so there hasn't been much time or energy left for much-needed blog therapy. Things are looking up this week though, so hopefully there will be some therapeutic posting in the near future.

As Ann Coulter says:
Huckabee is a "compassionate conservative" only in the sense that calling him a conservative is being compassionate.
Anyway, this slow-motion Huckabee train wreck is fascinating. I'd like to do my small part in speeding it up for everyone's sake. Seriously, for all of those people who are considering Mike Huckabee for President... please reconsider:

Normally, a negative CNN piece on a Republican candidate woundn't be surprising, but he's gotten a pass from the MSM recently and this clumsiness on foreign policy is frightening.

Round-ups worth checking out are all over the place, but start here and here at STACLU and then go here at HotAir.

I was excited about Huckabee early on, but I want a conservative president before a Christian one... and Mike has had so many blunders lately it's painfully obvious that he's not the man I'm looking for (that doesn't sound right). Foreign policy and national security are huge, as is cutting taxes and fiscal conservatism. The only candidate I see with the conservative creds out there is Fred, and I agree with John Hawkins:

As usual, I agree with Thomas Sowell:
... Republicans, as usual, seem to have more people who would make good presidents than people who would make good presidential candidates. Unfortunately for them, we have elections instead of coronations.

Fred Thompson seems to have the best policy positions and the best political track record among the Republican candidates -- and the least effective presentation of himself.

If Senator Thompson can beat the odds and become president, he would probably be better than most of those who have been in the White House in recent times -- though that is not extravagant praise. ...
Please consider Fred Thompson for President:

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