Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Ads...

Huck kicked 'em off with the now-famous "floating cross" that was really just a well-positioned and well-lit bookcase:

Very strong, but we now expect nothing less from Mike. Don't know what the big deal about the cross in the background is. Some people are surprised to find that Christmas has something to do with... Christ. It's a well-done ad. He's clearly got a good marketing team doing the video. Very strong.

Now let's go to Rudy with a little less Christmas (although that sweater is about as Christmas as you can get), and a little more ass-kick...

Sticking with the strength. Not bad. Could he look any more odd in that sweater though?

McCain skips Christmas altogether and promises it won't be easy:

Update... the McCain Christmas ad is here:

(sigh) Sorry John, but it's (still) over.

Silky Edwards goes for what will possibily go down as the all-time worst Christmas ad/message:

Wasn't that awful? On message, just pathetic though.

Obama invites the whole family... what, no O?

Happy Happy!

Now if this ad from Chillary doesn't terrify you, nothing will:

That is unbelievable. Liberalism Socialism right there for all to see... giving us big government gifts we don't want, but yet are forced to pay for. Isn't she wonderful horrifying?

Mitt? Fred?

Update: Fred adds his holiday ad to the mix... my favorite:

Well done Fred. That was great!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Update: Nathan Tabor writes a column titled Culture, Character and Christmas Ads where he concludes:
Now, it would be extrapolating a bit much from these ads to determine on their basis alone who is and is not fit for higher office. However, in the midst of the scripted world of presidential campaigns, it is often the little moments which betray flashes of a candidate’s character or innermost thoughts.

When it comes to selecting one from among ourselves for the office of President of the United States, other qualities are subordinate to the content of the candidate’s character. It is character which allows men and women in high office to face difficult decisions without buckling, and where the future of our nation is concerned, nothing less than the best will do.
Right on.

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