Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Michael Yon reports...

Michael Yon onlineJust received this e-mail from Michael Yon:

Interesting developments in Iraq.

A new dispatch, Maysan, is published on the site.

Next in the queue is a series of dispatches called Death or Glory, which is also the motto of the Queen's Royal Lancers, the British unit I met up with as the ceremony described in Maysan concluded.

I am currently near Haddamiya in Anbar Province with a small team of our Marines. In the last week, there was one attempted IED, but the locals tipped off the Iraqi police and together with the Iraqi Army, a handful of Marines captured one of the suspected perpetrators.

Other than that minor event, there has been no drama whatsoever in this area for more than a week. I hear more birds singing than bullets flying. Of course, that doesn't make for exciting news, so that might explain why I don't see many reporters out here in Anbar now.

Interest in the war is waning back home, I'm told, and that may also explain the thinning ranks of reporters over here. But without reader support I can't continue indefinitely.

Reader support keeps my boots on the ground here and my readers will determine how long I am able to continue this work. I have not taken a penny from Fox, any television or other outlets to fund this year-long trip.

Ironically, with fewer reporters here every day, it seems even more critical to insure that the news flows from those sources we do have on the ground. So, please continue to spread the word about my work and please consider supporting this site by clicking here.

Very Respectfully,

Michael Yon
With huge amounts of gratitude.

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