Saturday, December 29, 2007


Sorry for the lame title, but I thought you may want to check out Fred Thompson on Federalism:

Thanks to Jay for the tip.

Update: Here are some comments from Fred up in Iowa:
"I will not be devastated if I don’t do this. I want people to have the best President that they can have," Thompson said, adding later, "I’m offering myself up."

He explained it further in his usual plain-spoken manner, using the analogy of a "marriage" between him and voters.

"You know, if one side of the marriage has to really be talked into the marriage, it probably ain't going to be a good deal for either one of them. But, if you mutually think this is a good thing, in this case, if you think this is a good thing for a country, we can have an opportunity to do some wonderful things together," Thompson said of his presidential hopes.

And if the country accepts Thompson’s "proposal?"

"You’ll probably have the disadvantage of someone who probably can't jump up and click their heels three times, but [I] will tell you the truth and you’ll know where your President stands all times," Thompson said.
And here's Fred talking sense on H&C a couple of nights ago:

And here is a highlight reel from last night with Chris Wallace:

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