Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sen. Tom Coburn on the UN: People who don’t have to file expense reports don’t keep their receipts...

Congress Defends the UNCommon sense talk from Sen. Coburn:
We live in an unusual time in which some American politicians are so preoccupied with an anti-President Bush bias that they are willing to oppose common sense transparency measures and look the other way in the face of obvious corruption and mismanagement at the U.N. The greatest threat to the U.N.’s credibility is not our foreign policy, but the U.N. itself.

Congress can take a bold step toward increasing the credibility of U.N., and also itself, by doing the unexpected thing and maintaining this common sense transparency provision. Taxpayers expect elected officials to safeguard their money, not the U.N.’s penchant for secrecy.
I'm not holding my breath.

For ongoing news on the UN, check out Eye on the UN.

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