Friday, December 14, 2007

Murdock examines Huckabee’s Earthly record

Huckabee: Holy Man and HereticDerek Murdock drops a hammer in Huckabee: Holy Man and Heretic:
The Republican presidential race has devolved into holy war. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney recently told voters he believes “Jesus Christ is the son of God and the savior of mankind.” Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee subsequently asked a writer, “Don’t Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?”

How this will cut taxes or kill terrorists remains elusive. These theological niceties also distract from the urgent task of examining Huckabee’s Earthly record. His background and positions should scare the hell out of GOP primary voters.


Mike Huckabee is smooth, relaxed, and quick-witted. We soon will learn if that is enough to trump Republican heresy on education, taxes, spending, crime, terrorism, and ethics.
Read the rest. I could toss a bunch more links on top of this column, but I think that's enough of a drubbing for one post... ouch.

Update: Couldn't resist adding Peggy Noonan's column (not a Huck slam) from earlier today in which she wonders if Republicans are becoming a different kind of party.
The Republican race looks - at the moment - to be determined primarily by one thing, the question of religious faith. In my lifetime faith has been a significant issue in presidential politics, but not the sole determinative one. Is that changing? If it is, it is not progress.
Read the rest.

Also, Prager has a good article in a recent post that's worth reading if you missed it.

Update #2: The Republican Jimmy Carter? Many comments here at HotAir. Ann Coulter certainly thinks so:

And Mitt responds to the above "Republican Jimmy Carter" Foreign Affairs link by suggesting that the Huckster is running for the wrong party. Indeed.

I would probably/reluctantly vote for Huckabee against Hillary or Obama (unlike some conservatives), but he seems too much like a charismatic George Bush to me, and that's no compliment. No more compassionate, big government conservatives please. As Prager says... compassion is great on the micro/individual/personal level, but on the macro/country/governmental level we need standards - and a strong conviction that there is such a thing as right and wrong that's worth fighting for. I like Mike and admire many of his positions, but this country needs a strong CEO for President, not a Pastor.

Mitt, Fred or Duncan (maybe even others) before Mike.

Update #3: Steven Mosher disagrees:
... Finally and most importantly, Huckabee is right on the issues. He equally and eloquently defends the right to life of the unborn, and the right to bear arms of the people. He is pushing for the abolition of that most-hated American institution, the Internal Revenue Service, and its replacement by a simply and fair levy on consumption. As a former governor, he talks about rejuvenating the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution by ceding authority back to the several states. He is a friend of Jeffersonian democracy and a foe of the centralization of power in Washington. If all this isn't Reaganesque, what is?

I knew Ronald Reagan. I once even had the honor of writing a speech for him. And I admit that Mike Huckabee does not have the same star quality about him as the late great President. Who does? But Huckabee has the same ah-shucks demeanor, the same unforced eloquence, and the same grace and good humor under pressure. And increasing numbers of ordinary Americans-the same good folks who voted for Ronald Reagan by the millions-are mighty impressed.
Check out his website... it's a great one.

More commentary and video of Huck's foreign policy here at

Martha Zoller at Human Events: "Mike Huckabee is not ready for prime time on foreign policy."

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