Monday, November 13, 2006

What will you say…

Battle RoyaleFrom Murray over at Lone Star Diary: (h/t Fred)
When you look around and see your small town that you were raised in turned into a third world country and as you walk down a sidewalk of what used to be so familiar to you has now been desecrated and soiled?

When you have to pray in private because it is against the law to in public?

When the flag that you or a family member fought for, sacrificed their life, limb and sometimes sanity to serve and protect, is now banned?

When you watch a neighbor or friend being attacked, beaten, or even killed on the street corner and you stand by helplessly looking on too afraid to get involved?

When you try your best to soothe you sick child's fears away, try to heal them yourself of their illness because going to a hospital is a last resort due the inadequate care and exorbitant costs that you cannot afford just because it has come down to a decision of putting what gas you can afford into your vehicle so you can go to that job that you hate to gather what ever type of paycheck you can get to feed them and put shelter over their heads?

When your children and grandchildren look up at you with tears in their eyes because you were supposed to lead the way and ensure their future and they ask, what happened?

When these same children reach back in their short memories of better times, days when there was no hunger, no fear and America was a land of plenty and ask why did our lives change?

When you have to debase yourself and stand in line to buy whatever food may have been shipped in that day, and despite the constant of rice, beans and whatever else may be available, your body craves for fresh vegetables, fruit and meat that is now considered a luxury and only the rich can afford ?

When you catch yourself speaking English and your grandchildren look at you and chastise you for speaking the Old language that brands you as outdated?

When your government is now a fascist regime and you have no choice but to follow their orders and ideology?

When you look back at all the warning signs that were given and yet you ignored them because you were too absorbed and self-obsessed in your own little world, secure in the fact that these were missives and declarations of the misguided and conspiracists. What will you say?

I will say... You got what you deserved.

We are half way there and you - my neighbors, my friends, my family, my fellow Americans - are allowing it to happen.
Don't fear warming... fear the unwillingness of the West to recognize the threat of Islamic extremism. Fear political correctness. Fear the homosexualization of our culture. Fear the circling socialism. Fear our collective inability to recognize right from wrong.

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