Monday, November 06, 2006

Check out you ACLU Congressional Scorecard...

Stop the ACLU.orgFrom Nedd Kareiva over at .org:
Click [here] to see how your incumbent Congressmen, Congresswomen and U.S. Senators rate with the ACLU for the current 109th Congress as well as for the 108th & 107th sessions on the various issues. The higher the rating, the more likely you are dealing with an ACLU supporter and you need to take such into consideration as you cast your ballots.

If your member of Congress is running for governor such as in the state of Ohio, you need to take this information seriously as you consider who you want to represent you the next 4 years.

For more details and to guide you on Tuesday, please read my article An Educated Voter is the ACLU’s Worst Nightmare. There is a lot at stake in this election and given the many close races there are this year, your vote may well be a deciding one as to whether we have a Congress that stands with ACLU and its anti-American immoral agenda or one that will stand up to them.

I cannot adequately stress how important it is for you to avail yourself of this information and to share it with those in your network.
ACLU Congressional Scorecard.


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