Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Let the healing begin...

Conservative Comebacks to Liberal LiesThis book may help...

Among the 241 claims soundly refuted in
Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies:
  • "It is uncertain when life begins"

  • "Legalized abortion reduces child abuse"

  • "The Whitewater investigation never proved anything about the Clintons and was a waste of taxpayer money"

  • "Prayer in schools is unconstitutional"

  • "Democrats are the party of the little guy"

  • "The Reagan era was a Decade of Greed during which the rich got richer and the poor got poorer"

  • "To stimulate a slow economy, we should increase government spending"

  • "The Democratic Party best represents the interests of women"

  • "The 2nd Amendment does not guarantee an individual's right to own a gun -- only the right of states to maintain militias"

  • "Gun control laws eliminate guns and prevent crime"

  • "America needs a government-run health-care system like Canada's to keep costs down and solve the problem of the uninsured"

  • "The death penalty doesn't deter violent crime"

  • "Sex education in public schools reduces the number of unplanned pregnancies and sexually-transmitted diseases"

  • "There is no liberal bias on college and university campuses"

  • "Global warming is real, and results from human activity"

  • "Drilling in Alaska's ANWR region will degrade the environment and kill wildlife"

  • "Nuclear power is dangerous and potentially harmful to the environment"

  • "Our planet is grossly overpopulated"

  • "The 9-11 attacks occurred because of U.S. support for Israel"

  • "America's wealth is responsible for breeding the global poverty which creates terrorism"

  • "Bush exaggerated the case for war in Iraq by lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction"

  • "Bush stole the 2000 election, which was actually won by Al Gore"

  • "Bush won in 2004 because of a smear campaign by the Swift Boat vets, coordinated with Karl Rove"

  • "Banning 'gay marriage' is akin to banning interracial marriage"

  • "Children raised by homosexuals are as well-adjusted as children raised by heterosexuals"

  • "Ten percent of the population is homosexual"

  • "Affirmative action 'levels the playing field' and gives disadvantaged minorities a fair chance to compete"

  • "Social Security is solvent; Republicans are engaging in scare tactics by saying it's in danger of collapse"

  • "The GOP plan to privatize Social Security is risky, and would unfairly benefit the rich over the poor"

  • "Tax cuts cause budget deficits"

  • "Higher marginal tax rates for the rich are only fair - progressive taxation levels the playing field"

  • "The American colonists stole America from the Native Americans and the Mexicans"

  • "Western civilization is not superior to any other culture -- all cultures are basically equal"

  • "Democrats represent the best educational interests of minorities"

  • "Spending more money on our public schools will improve results"

  • "Conservatives oppose welfare because they don't care about the poor"

  • "Illegal immigrants do the jobs Americans won't do -- and our economy depends on cheap illegal immigrant labor"

  • "The Founding Fathers were slave-owning hypocrites who only gave lip service to liberty and equality"
  • A few other healing thoughts:

  • Chafee and DeWine are out.
  • Lieberman is in.
  • Santorum and Steele have strengthened their national presence.
  • The Democratic majority in both Houses for the next two years will bode well for Conservatives seeking the Presidency in '08.
  • There is a high probability that the left and the old media will futher highlight their unpopular agendas over the next few years, educating the general electorate in the process.
  • Conservatives now have an opportunity to get back to core principles like smaller government, lower taxes, reform, pro life, strong military, less spending.

    Michelle Malkin: "The GOP lost. Conservatism prevailed."

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