Friday, November 10, 2006

'Having overwhelming military force on your side, and letting your enemies know that you have the guts to use it, is being genuinely anti-war.'

Thomas SowellThomas Sowell is right to ask... where is the West?:
... Western nations that show any signs of standing up for self-preservation are rare exceptions. The United States and Israel are the only western nations which have no choice but to rely on self-defense -- and both are demonized, not only by our enemies but also by many in other western nations.

Australia recently told its Muslim population that, if they want to live under Islamic law, then they should leave Australia. That makes three western nations that have not yet completely succumbed to the corrosive and suicidal trends of our times.

If and when we all succumb, will the epitaph of western civilization say that we had the power to annihilate our enemies but were so paralyzed by confusion that we ended up being annihilated ourselves?
Politics aside, the clock is ticking. Do we kick the proverbial can down the road, or pick it up and deal with it?

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