Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Misunderstanding: 'Our battle is not against terrorism per se, but against any religion that claims to be true.'...

Stand To ReasonGreg Koukl discusses Christianity's Real Record:
It's easy to characterize religion as a blood - thirsty enterprise. History seems to be strewn with the wreckage of witch hunts, crusades, and religious jihad. If God does exist, a caller to my radio show offered, He ought to be tried for crimes against humanity.

The recent terrorist attacks have added a new twist: Our battle is not against terrorism per se, but against any religion that claims to be true. Thomas Friedman writing in the New York Times called it "religious totalitarianism."

Friedman’s solution: pluralism, the idea that "God speaks multiple languages." No one faith is exclusively true. Instead, all faiths are legitimate paths to God and anyone who claims otherwise is the enemy. Friedman’s call to arms, however, is misguided for three reasons. ...
There's too much good stuff to copy and paste here, but read the whole article at

I'm glad to see Greg publishing at You can find more information about him and his apologetics ministry at Stand To Reason.

Also, here are some Thanksgiving articles worth a look.

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