Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What is so great about making a pledge to sexual abstinence?

From All Pro Dad:
You experience a great freedom when you practice abstinence until marriage. Along with this freedom you will enjoy several benefits:

  • You are 100% guaranteed that you won't get pregnant.
  • It's a sure thing that you will stay STD-free!
  • You will be spared much emotional pain and heartache.
  • You will have every opportunity to fulfill your dreams.
  • If you get married one day, you can present yourself pure to your mate.
  • You can get to know your boyfriend/girlfriend on many different levels and not let sex take away from all that.
  • You will have increasing respect for yourself and your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • You will truly be seen as special and respected when your peers find out what your convictions truly are.
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