Tuesday, November 21, 2006

McCain is not helpful...

McCain-Soros Toppled GOP CandidatesRabbi Aryeh Spero:
Sen. John McCain (R.-Ariz.) has made it possible for George Soros and other billionaire transnationalists to effect and determine the outcome of our elections and thus U.S. destiny, indeed world destiny. And that is exactly what the wealthy internationalists have always craved.

Certainly, McCain was aware that if the most liberal member of the Senate, Russ Feingold (D.-Wis.), was pushing a piece of legislation, its purpose was not to help conservative causes but the far left ones that are Feingold's life's mission. Indeed, Feingold had a hard time finding a sponsor across the aisle willing to proffer the "bipartisan" aura he needed to gain passage for this liberal dream.

Feingold understood, as we now all do, the Achilles’ heel of John McCain. To wit: I am the "cleaner" and wiser Republican. I stand out from the pack. "Take the dirty money out of politics" became McCain's slogan. He did, and now we have the "clean" money of George Soros and Peter Lewis, so clean that it can be spread around, infinitely, for every left-wing cause. It was noble, a campaign finance "reform," so befitting of Mr. Noble. ...

Feingold understood, as we now all do,
the Achilles’ heel of John McCain.
To wit: I am the "cleaner"
and wiser Republican.

... Democrats since Bill Clinton do one thing: they campaign every day as if it is the day preceding an election. They demonize Republicans, our motives. The message they telegraph is not so much about our policy but our "sinister" goals. It is Halliburton, profiteering from war, mean-spiritedness, dogmatism over compassion. It is 24/7/365.

The purpose of the ads is not to illuminate their political positions. It is to destroy the Republican candidate and officeholder, the persona of the conservative. Through osmosis - after a five year daily barrage of ads on radio, TV and in newspapers - it appears to have worked.

Republicans, on the other hand, don't begin serious campaigning until the month before the election and have never learned the Goebbles technique so familiar, and comfortable, to Democrats: demonize the person, demonize the group. Do so every day, until respectable people find it offensive to be associated with, let alone vote for, such terrible people. The Muslims are doing it against Israel, against Jews, and they are indeed swaying Europe, prevailing. ...
He would win in a general election, but he won't get through the Republican primary. The "gang of 14", illegal immigration amnesty, and McCain-Feingold have made sure of that.

The Conservative Case Against John McCain In 2008.

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