Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A message from George Allen & Christopher Ruddy... (updated)

George Allen appears to be bypassing the MSM... can't really blame him after the one-sided lambasting he's received recently. Certainly, he's not used to playing defense.

From Allen:

Allen vs. Webb on the issues.

From Ruddy:

Today, Hillary Rodham Clinton will show up in Virginia for one reason: to defeat Senator George Allen.

She, Howard Dean and the leadership of the Democratic party and their friends in the major media have launched an all out assault on Senator George Allen.

They want revenge for Senator George Allen increasing the number of Republican Senators from 51 to 55 when he was Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee in 2004. They want revenge for knocking off the Chief Obstructionist – Tom Daschle.

They want to defeat him in November.

Make no mistake about it. Senator Allen can win this race.

But it may be a very close one because of the extraordinary effort by the Democrats to defeat Senator Allen – even to the point of their campaign to smear his reputation.

You can support Senator Allen by making a contribution today just, Go Here Now.

The Democrats are pouring in millions to Virginia. They know they have to pick off just a few GOP senators to gain control of the Senate.

If the Democrats defeat Allen and make other gains, they will gain control of the Senate. The new Democratic-controlled Senate would be led by Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden and others. The stakes are very high.

But they can be stopped. Polls show Senator Allen still ahead.

But the Democrat, James Webb is gaining.

He is gaining in the polls because of the unprecedented media juggernaut out to destroy Senator Allen and smear his name.

Rush Limbaugh has said this media smear will backfire as the people of Virginia and Americans like you come to support Senator Allen.

You can support this smear campaign backfire by standing with Senator Allen.

Senator Allen has had a sterling record first as Governor of Virginia, then as a U.S. Senator. He is a strong Reagan Republican – for less government, less taxes and a strong national defense.

How Not to Win in Virgina: Attack ReaganHis opponent, James Webb, claims he is a moderate. A former Republican, he told Virginia Democrats he really never supported the Republican cause, he joined the party for expedience and later served as President Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy.

Today, Democrat Webb is airing commercials of Ronald Reagan twenty years ago saying kind comments when he was Secretary of the Navy – all in a phony effort to make it look like Reagan is endorsing him!

Even Nancy Reagan was so angry over Webb’s deception, she issued a public statement that he stop using her deceased husband’s image and words for his own political ambition. (Video of Allen ad)

You can join with leading Republicans like Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Bill Frist, Jack Kemp and many others who are supporting the real Republican, the true Reagan conservative, George Allen.

Support George Allen today, Go Here Now.

Thank you.


Update: Phillip Ellis Jackson exposes more hypocrisy on the left and has some great advise in "Macaca" takes on "white nigger" and wins in a landslide... just stay away from a$$holes of any color! Great comments at his post too.

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