Monday, October 02, 2006

'God wants us to return to Him by choice; Satan is perfectly content to take us by force.'

From Resa LaRu Kirkland over at NewsByUs
... Everyone knows standing for something can be scary—that’s why it has always been the job of the courageous, not the sniveling, cowardly types who would rather live as slaves than fight as free men. So you die for choosing to live for a good and Godly cause—is your life so precious as to be purchased with chains of bondage? Do you fear Islam more than you cherish your loved ones’—or your own—freedoms? If you do, then you’ve already lost. Your burka is in the mail. Get used to it, because for you it’s over.

But if this is something more insidious, such as the left’s secret desire that any evil be allowed to triumph over the Judeo/Christian ideals that founded this nation, then I have no problem beatin’ you like you stole something. Because you actually did…you stole the freedom of others to save your own useless skin. And such cowardice can never be allowed to succeed. ...
The band Citizen Reign gets it:

You stand to fight and we agree,
until we see your brothers bleed,
you give your life to hold the line,
and then we change our minds...

...I stand to give you my applause,
how could you fight for a better cause,
opposed by those you set free,
and still you fight for me?
Read it.

You can't be good to evil.


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