Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A cartoon can be worth a thousand words...

Beast of Burden... not that the words aren't worth anything.

Cox & Forkum tie Robert Tracinski's latest: "The Democratic Party Adds Nothing to the National Debate" to this cartoon.

There's no shortage of commentary that would go well with this image though. I'll go with Dennis Prager discussing how the left cheapens evil to suit their needs:
... One more example will have to suffice: The left regularly charges America's conservative Christians with wanting to make America a "theocracy," being "fascists" and/or being "anti-Semites." They are none of those things, and as a result, the battle against real theocrats (Muslim fundamentalists), real fascists and real anti-Semites is compromised.

The tragedy of all this is that when evils are defined down, good people are left verbally unarmed when the real evils present themselves. It is yet another way in which the left, intentionally or not, undermines the battle against evil.
Quin Hillyer too:
It's hard to trust the defense of the United States to a party that so openly indulges people who don't think the Unites States is worth defending.
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