Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Global Warming is 'a big scam' and James Inhofe speaks the truth...

Global warming?From Drudge...read the "big scam" article here.

Even better though, is conservative Senator James Inhofe completely dismantling Al Gore and the global warming hype on the Senate floor yesterday, September 25, 2006.

(Inhofe was voted Most Outstanding Conservative Senator by Human Events last year.)

Click here to read the highlights. There are also five clips on this website, all requiring RealPlayer I believe. (free download) I've listed/linked them all below:

Holy Smoke and Mirrors
  • Hot and Cold Media Spin Cycle: A Challenge to Journalists who Cover Global Warming

  • Inhofe Debunks Al Gore's Film

  • Inhofe on Media Hot & Cold Hype Since 1895

  • Polar Bears Thriving Despite Media Reports

  • "What if I am Wrong, and what if they're right about Global Warming?"

    Great stuff! Previous.

    Update: Remembering Manbearpig.

    Update #2: Glenn Beck covers Kyoto...

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