Monday, September 25, 2006

Liberal insider: MSM is 'overwhelmingly to the left' and 15-25:1 Democrat...

Shocker: Veteran WaPo Reporter Admits MSM's Bias Is 'Overwhelmingly to the Left'Dave Pierre at NewsBusters pointed me to a very interesting and candid conversation that Hugh Hewitt had with 25-year WaPo veteran Thomas B. Edsall...
HH: And so, why do you think it’s wrong, somehow, for people to want to hear news that they don’t consider as biased? I mean, that’s what it is. It’s just unbiased news is what people wanted. That’s why conservatives like me got platforms, and our blogs get read, and our columns get absorbed.

TE: One, I don’t think it’s unbiased.

HH: It’s transparent at least. Everyone has bias. I agree with that. Everyone’s got bias.

TE: It’s transparent. Okay, that I would agree. And I agree that whatever you want to call it, mainstream media, presents itself as unbiased, when in fact, there are built into it, many biases, and they are overwhelmingly to the left.

HH: Well, that’s very candid.
Candid indeed! Here's another snippet of interest:
HH: He probably is a Republican. But given that number of reporters out there, is it ten to one Democrat to Republican? Twenty to one Democrat to Republican?

TE: It’s probably in the range of 15-25:1 Democrat.

HH: Can the mainstream media ever be fair as a result?

TE: Well, you know, you’re asking, I think, a wrong question. I think the problem is that there is a real difficulty on the part of the mainstream media being sympathetic, or empathetic, whatever the word would be, to the kind of thinking that goes into conservative approaches to issues. I think the religious right has been treated as sort of an alien world…
It is what it is... which is why so many of us are getting news from other places.

Transcript here. Audio here.

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