Sunday, September 24, 2006

'No one is a liberal's hero the way an adulterer is'... (updated)

Why liberals love adulteryKevin McCollough discusses:
... In the whole spin cycle of garbage about sexual behavior and why we're "made a certain way" we forget that choices are made for every single action taken. With Clinton the issue was "come on every body does it." With Robinson and McGreevey its simply, "I'm being true to myself."

It's the refusal
to make the choice
to not be a slave
to their impulses.

In truth its selfishness coupled with the refusal to curb their sexual appetite. Its the refusal to make the choice to not be a slave to their impulses. Basically they are still little boys who do not know how to discipline themselves - only now they wish the world to feel sorry for them. And in McGreevey's case he's openly seeking to work with kids for his life's mission now. ...
The homosexualization continues...It really is horrifying to feel like you're sitting on the sidelines watching our culture go down the toilet. It's even worse when you're an Episcopal watching your church lead the way.

What would Jesus bomb? I guess we'll see... eventually.

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Update: While we're on the topic of liberals being on the wrong side of things, they're also turning out to be big fans of voter fraud.
... Here is a clear and significant divide between the parties. Republicans backed a sensible means for stopping illegal aliens from corrupting U.S. elections. Democrats did not.
Left of Carter will not win elections... unless, of course, all of the illegals vote Democrat.

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