Monday, September 25, 2006

Reclaiming Freedom at the United Nations: An Intro...

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Reclaiming the Language of Freedom at the United NationsCommon sense on 'liberty' and a Reagan quote... irresistable:
... Americans’ long record of upholding this tradition is rooted in the understanding that the issues of freedom that invigorate their lives are not solely American. People from every nation assimilate here because our tradition of free­dom speaks to them. As Freedom House’s annual surveys show, these “universal aspirations of the human heart” are being embraced by millions more people around the world each year.

Yet at the United Nations - an organization established to enshrine this universal understanding of freedom and human rights - the very idea of freedom is being vigorously challenged and even discouraged. ...

... Americans understand that freedom is neither freely gained nor guaranteed and that its triumph in history is not inevitable. We must all remain vigilant in protecting freedom, for as President Ronald Reagan advised, it is never more than one generation from extinction.
Here's a PFD of the whole report from The Heritage Foundation.

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