Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Bush Administration Continues to Spend, Spend, Spend...

Bush Administration Spends, Spends, Spends...Steve Verdon from OTB discusses:

How to Blow Through $2.8 Trillion:
The bottom line is that since 2000 there has been little to no restraint on spending. Holding spending down at the average during the 1990s for nondefense spending listed in the linked Cato report would cut the current deficit by another $140 billion dollars. The federal government is bloated on pork and if anything it has gotten worse in the last several years. Perhaps the best thing that could happen in regards to controlling spending if is the Republicans indeed lose one or both houses of Congress. I know some will then point out that the Democrats might force the President to withdraw troops from Iraq and that this could be disasterous. While there maybe some truth to this, my response would be, “Perhaps the Republicans should have thought of that before throwing out the ‘fiscal responsibility’ plank of their platform.”
I'm with you Steve.


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