Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Protest Warrior Manifesto...

Blue Star Chronicles - Manifesto Against Islam...written two years ago:
The best foreign policy would be for America to stand as a beacon to the power of liberty, and not involve itself in foreign entanglements. Every nation deserves their government, and we detest that one American soldier should have to die to fix the problems that another nation created. But as much as we wish this weren't the case, the unfortunate situation is that we have enemies that will not be placated from destroying us, and either we take the fight to them, or they bring it to us.

Throughout the 90's our foreign policy was all about being nice, even obsequious to our enemies. Yasser Arafat was the most frequent visitor to the Clinton White House, and America bestowed $100 million dollars a year to his despotic thugocracy, while we goaded Israel to give up what little land they have and stop contributing to the "cycle of violence."

We responded to the '93 attempted destruction of the Twin Towers with lawsuits.

We turned down an offer to hand Bin Laden over to us because that might have upset the Arab street.

We intervened in a civil war in Kosovo, carpet-bombing Serbian population centers on behalf of Muslims, and because of our efforts, most churches in Kosovo have now been destroyed and replaced with mosques. (Of course no one can fight back as there is a U.N. 'peacekeeping force' there.)

We fought Somalian warlords in an attempt to feed starving Muslim children. We went to the dead tyrant Assad's funeral, and lent our diplomatic prestige to that Asian Hitler Kim Jong, who was happy to show off his military toys before our fawning Secretary of State. To show how magnanimous we were, we gave him hundreds of millions of dollars to construct an underground nuclear reactor, taking him at his word it would only be used for peaceful purposes.

We lent no moral support to the youth in Iran who are desperate to throw off their chains, we lent no moral support to Taiwan which is faced with extinction or enslavement, we lent no moral support to Christians in China who are being herded into prison camps.

And we lent no moral support to the Iraqis wallowing under dictatorship and sanctions, and instead consigned them to a decade of torture chambers and rape rooms and acid baths while the U.N. made billions off 'Oil for Food'.
Great stuff. Read it all... here.

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