Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The GOP leadership just doesn't get it...

Incompetance from Despair.comI got the same messsage from Ken Mehlman that Alan Caruba did, and I have to say that my reaction was identical. Read his open letter to the GOP... here.
According to the notice, my membership and contribution “is urgently needed to support President Bush and give Republican candidates the resources they need to run effective campaigns and win.” But in most respects I don’t support President Bush any more because, for one thing, he has never vetoed a single spending bill conjured up by the Republican controlled Congress.

We have a huge national debt and, frankly, that kind of thing worries me, particularly when Ken Mehlman tells me that, “Our message of lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, and commonsense reform wins elections.” What fiscal responsibility? And what reforms?

Mediocrity from Despair.comOn the same subject, I have huge respect for Bob Novak's political insight and his most recent article discusses Lindsay Graham, who compares Republican cluelessness to a golfer going into the final few holes of a tournament and not realizing he needs birdies instead of par's to win... losing and not knowing it.
Graham sees the highest Republican priority as controlling federal spending. He proposes renewing the campaign for a constitutional amendment mandating a balanced budget, backed up by self-restraint on earmarks. That agenda evokes limited applause in party circles. Sophisticates in Washington roll their eyes over constitutional limits on spending. Sens. John McCain and Tom Coburn have not made friends by fighting earmarks. After all, why should Republicans clap if they think they are ahead going into the last two holes?

Click here for a disgusting review of the "egregious earmarks of the week", courtesy of Rep. Jeff Flake.

Click here for a painful review of the "taxpayer ripoffs of the week", courtesy of Stephen Laffey.

Click here if you like the Despair.com posters and want to watch a really funny parody on the art of demotivation. :-)


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