Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wake up and realize that the civilized world is in a serious deadly war...

Marie Jon':
... Islamofacism is a tyrannical hate filled ideology that is void of love or peace. Unfortunately, if this dogma is not squelched soon it might bring us to the brink of distinction. Unruly Iran has its own nuclear program, and the world shutters because of it. Iran is not an Arab country. However it is comprised of an Islamic Zoroastrian faith.

Radical Islam dates back to 1269 AD. Jihad is waged against transgressors of the word of Allah as conveyed by the Prophet Mohammed. This form of Islam is preached by Bin Laden. Are you surprised when you hear that radical Islam calls the whole world their battlefield?

It's not possible to consider negotiating a peace. How can there ever be peace when terrorists will not tolerate other faiths? Their beliefs do not allow them to live side by side with others, without a horrific clash. ...
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