Thursday, August 10, 2006

Our Top-10 National To-do list:

Bush responds to the UK terror plot
  1. Develop and actively push a U.N. resolution requiring Iran and Syria to pay for the cost to rebuild Lebanon. Their sponsorship of Hezbollah, if not their command to Hezbollah, started this war.

  2. Investigate and prosecute as needed, active leaders in the CAIR organization and others like it here in the United States.

  3. Release ANWR and coastal FL and CA to oil drilling.

  4. Proactively destroy Iran's nuclear capabilities and strike Iran as needed to remove them as a threat.

  5. Invest into development of a process to extract oil from oil shale.

  6. Set term limits in Congress.

  7. Increase annual Senate salaries to $2M and annual House salaries to $1M.

  8. Begin building new nuclear energy facilities.

  9. Develop and actively push a U.N. resolution requiring all Iranian and Syrian citizens to immediately vacate southern Lebanon.

  10. Actively encourage states to provide state college tuition for any interested soldier returning from serving in combat overseas.
Newt for President.

AllahPundit kicks ass.

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