Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ambulance Jihad and the Gullible Agreeable MSM - Fauxto Fantasies...

Rumsfeld is onto it.

Brit Hume is onto it.

The whole conservative side of the blogosphere is onto the grotesque manipulation by terrorists of the seemingly all-too-willing MSM. It's no wonder they won't report on it... and why blogs are picking up the pieces.

Hezbollywood, Pallywood... It's real. It's war.

Once again, Michelle Malkin is all over the story...
With the exception of Brit Hume, there has been a near blackout from the mainstream media on Zombie's investigation of the Red Cross Ambulance Incident in Cana. Last week, I wrote the Associated Press, ITV, the New York Times, MSNBC, The Age, Time magazine, Cox News, the Guardian, and the Boston Globe asking for a response to doubts raised over the incident. So far, I have received non-response auto-replies from ITV and the NY Times.
...and the must-watch Vent here:

I guess the rubble needed some decorating for Jesse's visit...

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Newsbusters link

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