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Cox & Forkum - The Qana Massacre***Update 8-1-06***

I suppose this post was "ahead of the curve"... here.

***Update 8-2-06***

A must-watch follow-up Vent... here. Moonbat relativist logic at it's worst.

Michelle Malkin discusses The Theater of Jihad:
As we watch Hezbollah's horrible parade of dead children in Qana replay endlessly on television, here is a suggestion for all the intrepid American journalists gallivanting with Hezbollah's handlers in the region: Perhaps you could put down the figurative hookah pipes, take off your sympathy hajibs and find out the identity of the green-helmeted guy holding up baby corpses in Qana as props for your sensational, page-one pictures.

Is he just an ordinary bystander? A rescuer who just happened to be in the same place 10 years ago, traipsing around with dead children's bodies to exploit an accidental Israeli bombing prompted by terrorists hiding behind civilians?
Robert Spencer discusses the Staged Massacre:
... Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, declared that “War is deceit.” Americans and Westerners are not used to dealing with carefully orchestrated and large-scale deception of this kind. It is time that it be recognized as a weapon of warfare, and an extremely potent one at that. ...
***Original 7-31-06 Post***

...Vent with Michelle Malkin 8-1-06Yes Michelle, the truth does matter. It seems completely likely to me that some or all of what happened at Qana was staged. Why not?

(click the image for video)

Israel is losing the war. Not militarily, but Hezbollah isn't trying to win militarily. They're all about the real war, the war of public opinion... and that's where they're winning.

What about these photos of Hezbollah fighters dressed in civilian clothes in civilian towns? Can Israel not attack them if they stand behind civilians? Is it not wrong for them to do that?

Israeli warning leaflets dropped in Lebannon prior to attacksHow many terrorists drop leaflets like these prior to blowing up a building so that innocents can leave safely?

It's Hezbollywood baby! A dead Lebanese child is worth much more to them than a dead Jewish child. That's their game. They are not fighting a war of bombs and rockets. They're fighting a war in the media with propaganda, playing on guilt and sympathy.

These photos are very graphic, but why aren't more people asking questions about the timing of all the shots and who are the people in them that show up again and again? What's up with the guy in the green hat? What's going on? The bad guys are winning in the war that counts... the war of public opinion, that's what's going on. What can you do? Stop buying the propaganda crap.

Disproportionate ResponseGillerman isn't buying it. Neither should you.

Gillerman again:
“there will not be peace until the terrorists learn to love their children more than they hate us.”
Watch it... here. It's Gillermania!

Jason over at Texas Rainmaker sees 4 possibilities:
1. Israel really is barbaric and repeatedly targets civilian populations;
2. Hezbollah terrorists once again hid among civilians, making Israel’s self-defense incredibly more difficult to avoid collateral damage;
3. Both stories were manufactured by terrorist propaganda;
4. The 1996 incident was an accident (fueled by terrorists launching attacks from among civilian populations) and the outrage was so great, the terror-loving world decided to re-enact it during the current conflict.

The truth must be told. Iran, Syria, Lebannon... these countries do not have a free media. The news is controlled so that the leaders can spin stories in their favor. Is that really what we have here too? Horrible images, yes. But do we not see through this for the big picture?

Israel is losing the war of opinion. Now we'll see if they can at least pound Hezbollah into the ground militarily. They're our enemy too.

We're not the only ones questioning Qana.

Debbie Schlussel: On Qana & Dead Muslim Kids: The One Thing Muslims & Media Love More Than Dead Jewish Kids


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