Saturday, August 26, 2006

A 'personal' note from Ken Mehlman...

What has the GOP done other than keep Democrats out of power for 6 years? Back to the bait-and-switch switch game and the "at least we're not as bad as them" mentality?

I'm sorry Ken. You, congress, the Bush administration, have all blown it on spending, immigration, social security, energy, earmarks, and entitlements... and whatever you have done well you've been completely inept at communicating to the American people.

I'm not in the mood for BS. Beat it. I'll give money to individuals that I believe in, but I don't believe in the GOP.
Dear Martin,

I wanted to send you a personal note with this must-read news from our RNC Political Director, Michael DuHaime. Our grassroots efforts are already making a huge difference - moving voters into the Republican column for the critical midterm elections just 74 days from today.

Because of this great news, I have set a goal of funding 3 million additional voter contacts for the final stretch - by the Labor Day start of the campaign. Martin, your support will make a critical difference to this effort. Your contribution of just $50 will enable our volunteers to personally call over 600 voters. A contribution of $250 enables us to reach over 4,000 voters - the margin of victory in a close election.

Please visit our special web site to contribute to this effort and track how many more voters we will reach because of your efforts:

Thank you again for everything that you do for our Party and our President.

Ken Mehlman
Chairman, Republican National Committee -
Jay Homnick thinks people feeling like I do should take it out in the primaries:
Once upon a time, electing a Democrat was a viable alternative. It cost you a few dollars extra but at least you were trading in hypocrisy for honesty. Those days are long gone. In today’s Democratic Party, left-winger extraordinaire Joseph Lieberman has been marginalized as a hawk whose talons are no longer required. Howard Dean, a screechy bit player from Vermont, is their national spokesman. Extremists like John Conyers and Charlie Rangel are in line to chair committees. Their majority would be a major catastrophe.

So what recourse do we have against errant Republicans who are untrue to their charge? The primary answer is primaries. Every representative who strays the course instead of staying it should be met by a challenger in a primary. That way, Republicans who need to be banished will be replaced in the ranks by their peers. But to let the bad guys win because the good guys are a tad adrift is to really lose sight of priorities. If they filmed High Noon in Chelm, would the sheriff lose because his watch was slow?
I'll certainly give him that.

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