Saturday, August 26, 2006

Blog slime from the S.F. Chronicle...

NewsBusters linkSurprise, surprise... the ugly personal attacks are aimed at Coulter, and from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Does Ann deserve it?

The not-so-subtle difference between Coulter's name-calling and examples like this is that Ann Coulter always has an intelligent, thoughtful point she's trying to make. Is that too fine a line to draw from crap like this from the comments?
"Actually she's not equine looking at
all...she's serpentine. Who hasn't beheld her grotesque visage without thinking of a hypothyroid garden snake? But think of all the hours she's spends over the toilet vomiting to make herself look that way. Give her some credit for hard work."
I don't think so. This stuff is just mean-spirited and pointless. Jerks.

Michelle has it all... here.

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