Friday, June 23, 2006

Revealing secrets that most americans wouldn't reveal...

World War II PostersBlabbermouths at the NY Times and LA Times... stike again:
Dammit. These people don't know when to stop. The anonymous leak-addicted NY Times tag team of Eric Lichtblau and James Risen is at it again. Their front-page, splashy piece posted on the web tonight and top-linked on Drudge ...

Backlash against the blabbermouths:
They can buy ink by the barrel, but we can fight back now with bandwidth by the terrabyte. I'm getting inundated with furious readers' letters to the Times, most of which the editors won't bother to read or publish - since they're not in, you know, the "public (Pulitzer) interest." So I'm reprinting a representative sample here and I'll keep adding to it. Don't forget that it's both the NY Times and the LA Times that blew off security concerns in favor of blowing the cover of the terrorist finance tracking program.

Messages for the blabbermouths:
These WWII posters are in need of some 21st century photoshop updates.

Anyone inspired?

Michelle Malkin rocks.


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