Tuesday, June 20, 2006

An inconvenient paranoia...

An Inconvenient ParanoiaWhy are liberals more likely to believe AlGore's DOOM & GLOOM conclusion that the world is only a few years away from DISASTER based on flawed and biased data?

Great question. Because they're fundamentally guilt-ridden and drawn to self-hate and pessimism?

Surely they're intelligent...but others are painted as RIGHT WING NUT JOBS if they dare question whether or not the data is reliable...reliable enough to bet it AAAALL on black...or on human control of the weather.

Why was the NY Times writing articles about "GLOBAL COOLING" just 30 or so years ago?

Hasn't the earth's temperature always been changing?

Doesn't there appear to be 30-40 year cycles of higher storm frequency/intensity throughout this century?

How is the first named tropical storm of 2006 a confirmation or affirmation that "Global Warming" is REAL and that more storms are a result of REPUBLICAN POLICIES as Bill Clinton and Howard Dean have implied recently?

The "Televangelist for the First Church of the Warming Globe" is doing more to heat the planet with his own hot air... and for his own benefit. Chicken Little in '08!

Holy Smoke and MirrorsI love the premise of this article..."An Inconvenient Paranoia". Why are liberals buying this, and conservatives not?

Dennis Prager discusses...
Observers of contemporary society will surely have noted that a liberal is far more likely to fear global warming than a conservative. Why is this?

After all, if the science is as conclusive as Al Gore, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times and virtually every other spokesman of the Left says it is, conservatives are just as likely to be scorched and drowned and otherwise done in by global warming as liberals will. So why aren't non-leftists nearly as exercised as leftists are?Do conservatives handle heat better? Are libertarians better swimmers? Do religious people love their children less? ...

... liberals are far more likely to be impressed when a Nobel Prize winner in, let us say, physics signs an ad against war or against capital punishment. The liberal is bowled over by the title "Nobel laureate." The conservative is more likely to wonder why a Nobel laureate in physics has anything more meaningful to say about war than, let us say, a taxi driver.
The rest... here.

Also, Al Gore and the Global Warming Scare


AlGore will be fighting it out with Hillary for the Democratic nomination in 2008. There's just not doubt in my mind, unless McCain jumps ship. :)

Gore v. Hillary will be a battle of heavyweights for sure. I think that having Bill as spouse puts Hillary on top. The left won't be able to contain themselves about the possibility of having the smooth-talking, immoral groper back in the White House.


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