Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Feminist Absolutism Infultrating Religions with Moral Relativism...

Gay love OK with God - bishopHow Feminist Absolutism Drives Moral Relativism, by David Usher:
... Twenty years ago, feminists realized that it was necessary to take over all major religions in order to eliminate pesky moral yardsticks. Only a handful of churches have not yet been devastated or severely compromised.

Only a handful of churches
have not yet been devastated
or severely compromised.

The plan backfired on feminists in the Catholic Church. Their idea: since gays could be ministers, feminists could sue the institution for what gays do inside the Church, and put it out of business. The Vatican is finally standing its ground, removing gays and speaking against feminism after finding out what gay feminist ministers do when given power. If the Episcopalian grassroots cannot find the moral resolve to clean house now, perhaps the lessons of the Catholic Church will change their minds quickly.

Feminists failed broaching the Muslim faith. Indeed, one of the reasons Muslim countries see western cultures as being threatening is due to the fact that all western cultures are radically feminist. We insist on exporting absolutist feminism via every possible channel, and then wonder why Muslims are ready for war against the evil West. Do not mistake me: I am not saying we deserved to be attacked. I am saying that it could easily have been avoided had we said “No” to radical feminism in the 1960’s.

We fear it is a rude insult to the American melting pot when American Muslim women wear a chador. It is not. It is a rejection of feminism. We should take this seriously, and clean our own house of the absolutist feminism that Muslims of both sexes so correctly reject. ...

... Now, it is my turn to drop the “A” bomb on liberal feminists, who “are the absolutists”. They absolutely cannot stand the healthy moral values of marriage, family, and fatherhood. They will say anything to scare or threaten politicians and religions into doing what they demand.

we must stand firmly
against all aspects
of institutional feminism

We have only one option: we must stand firmly against all aspects of institutional feminism, or heterosexual marriage and fatherhood will be replaced in both the secular and ecclesiastical worlds by entitled marriages between Murphy Browns under the insidious connivance of “equal rights for lesbian women”. Any politician, policymaker, or church leader who cannot rise to this necessary duty must necessarily be removed from positions of authority.
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