Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How well do you know the real Jack Murtha?

The Washington Times discusses the "Real Jack Murtha":
Rep. John Murtha is thinking big thoughts. Since coming out for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq last year, he has accused Marines of murder "in cold blood" before a preliminary investigation is even complete; accused the military of a cover up over the same incident; declared his candidacy for the House majority leadership post; and, most recently, refined his cut-and-run strategy in Iraq to mean "redeployment" to Okinawa, Japan.
The rest... here.

Here's the latest pictures from Camp Pendleton.

More Murtha:
Murtha's Second Act - Novak
Murtha's Fuzzy Math - Bevan
John Murtha - Cox & Forkum

Could it be that Bush was right?!?! Gateway Pundit has the story... here.


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