Saturday, February 04, 2006

The peaceful religion...continued

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More peace.

Sky News covers the Danish consulate being torched here...
and talks about "A call to arrest and deport" here.
The Brussels Journal has lots of commentary here.

WHYGRR highlights the insanity here
"Baptist Suicide Bombers Kill 21 Outside Rolling Stone Magazine Headquarters"

"Death Toll now 126 as Christians Retaliate for Cover Depicting Kanye West As Jesus"

Generation WHY agrees here.
"Muslims are rioting and murdering because some Dane published some cartoons of Mohammed in the newspaper. Muslims rioted and murdered back in 2002 when someone said Mohammed would've approved of the Miss World competition as well. The same religious nutcases that think their religion encourages the mass murder of civilians to gain entry into paradise. So exactly when does this "religion of peace" thing kick in?

And then there's the MSM. Where do they stand on religion? Firmly in the anti-Christian, pro-Muslim camp."
CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons in respect for Islam, but carries the pictures of Kanye West mocking the crucifixion and friendly stories about "artwork" depicting the Virgin Mary in cow crap out of disrepect for Christianity.

NBC has chosen not to show the cartoons in respect for Islam but mocks Christianity through show after show out of disrespect for Christianity.

"And despite our own MSM mocking Christianity, do you see us running out in the streets, waving guns, threatening to blow up mosques, killing people?

No, because we're sane human beings. We're not neanderthal nutjobs. Next time the liberals blame George W. Bush for "creating" more terrorism, just take a look at what's happening in response to a couple of silly cartoons and ask yourself where the real inspiration for the psychopath terrorists lies."
Michelle Malkin made a two-minute movie called "First, They Came". Click here to check it out.

Remember what this is about? Cartoons!

Again, speaking of cartoons...The Political Teen covers Ted Rall on Hannity & Colmes here. Ted is a friend of Tom Toles, who recently recieved some commentary from the Joint Chiefs regarding his cartoon:

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