Wednesday, February 01, 2006

ABC News' liberal bias shows against Justice Scalia

ABC News, Brian Ross, and Nightline really got it wrong about Justice Scalia. Robert Bluey has been on the case here and here.
“Justice Scalia taught a comprehensive course about the separation of powers under our Constitution,” Leo said. “Reminiscent of Dan Rather’s and Mary Mapes’s false National Guard story, ABC Nightline knew in advance of airing its program that he did not simply ‘attend’ a ‘judicial education seminar,’ and it grossly misled viewers by suggesting that the event was a ‘junket’ rather than a serious scholarly program that required much work and advance preparation.”

Prior to the story’s airing Leo said he spent time on the phone on multiple occasions with ABC News Producer Rhonda Schwartz to clarify errors in the story, including her belief that Scalia was on a tennis excursion. He said Schwartz and her colleagues showed no interest in correcting the errors.

But more importantly, Leo said, is the concept ABC News suggests in the piece: that it is unethical for judges to interact with lawyers. Leo called it “absolutely absurd” that judges should be bound by some sort of “gag rule” preventing them from attending conferences such as those sponsored by the Federalist Society.
The Federalist Society responded.

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