Thursday, February 02, 2006

If I'm not back in an hour call the police...

I haven't gone digging around here for a while. Some interesting pickings from a few far-left sites:

MoveOn - Send a letter of thanks (or of concern, disbelief, outrage or best wishes) to each of the 25 senators who tried to filibuster the Alito vote
MoveOn - Nail Tom Delay
MoveOn - Schiavo TV ad

MoveOn - Alito TV ad (TV ad)
MoveOn - Where are the Republicans? (TV ad)
MoveOn - Slideshow of favorite vigil photos

MoveOn - April 27, 2005 Al Gore Addresses members & press
MoveOn - Social Security scare (TV ad)
CODEPINK - People's State of the Union

CODEPINK - Meeting Chavez
CODEPINK - Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy
CODEPINK - The Real News (they call this "the news about the war that you are not getting from the mainstream and not-so-mainstream media."

Howard Dean's Democracy For America - Information on their Training Academy (Training Academy?)
AirAmerica - Bushism = Facism
AirAmerica - Garofalo on Republicans

One thing I'm struck by is how almost every page on is a form to send a message to one politician or another. Certainly that sort of encouragement isn't uncommon, but moveon is definitely providing an easy and quick gateway for readers to spread their messages around. Very effective. I'm impressed.

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