Sunday, December 09, 2007

Giles: We're heading for 'more trouble than a naïve, giggly good-looking drunk chick sportin’ a mini skirt at a Tommy Lee keg party'

Seven Ways Young People Can Keep Our Country from becoming Officially ScrewedDoug Giles is (accurately) shooting from the hip again:
Hey America... we’re not invincible. I know it looks like it, but believe it or not there have been powerful civilizations that are now a cartoon of what they use to be, and it would be the height of hubris to think that this party will never end no matter what we do.


So what can the young God- and country-loving dude do? Well, you (and 45 year old guys like me) can do the opposite of what the secularist weeds want us to do, namely:

1. Embrace our faith like never before.
2. Revolt against the immoral vomit.
3. Cheer on traditional values.
4. Applaud and own our culture.
5. Quit being squishy wusses and steel up our will.
6. Spit out babies.
7. Tell foreign invaders to come here correctly or go back to their sucky countries.

To be continued...
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